Hannah Montana Does Not Exist Anymore

This might be the most ridiculous item of the day. Hollywood Life reports that Miley Cyrus might play the “Hannah Montana” character once again. This is a pipe dream, no pun intended, because Hannah Montana doesn’t exist anymore. The moment that Miley Cyrus sparked up the a joint on stage was the very moment that Hannah Montana ceased to exist. Imagine parents explaining to young fans, who have seen it all on the internet, that she was Miley Cyrus, and not Hannah Montana, when she smoked pot on stage.

“These days, it seems like Miley Cyrus couldn’t be more distant from her once altar ego, the title character from Disney’s Hannah Montana. However, the Bangerz singer said that she actually would consider donning the Hannah wig again– but if a reunion does happen, she’s gonna have her say in how it goes down,” Hollywood Life reports.

Distant is exactly right for the former Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus has done way too much partying, smoking, drinking, pot-smoking, appearing in sleazy-looking and risque outfits to ever be seen by children as Hannah Montana again. To play a role one must at least be believable, and there is no doubt that the Miley Cyrus we now know can never credibly dress up and play the Hannah Montana character again.

Hollywood Life reported the condition under which Miley Cyrus would play Hannah Montana again, “Miley recently sat down with E! News to chat and, when asked if she’d be up for a reunion, she didn’t reject the notion. “I don’t know, I don’t know,” Miley said. “Only if she has an altar ego and is actually me– reverse it all the way around!””

The “reverse” here is the truth about the situation, playing Hannah Montana would be going back, going way too far back, for scandal-ridden Miley Cyrus, and it’s not going to happen. Hannah Montana doesn’t exist anymore, and there’s no going back.

Even Hollywood Life, agrees, opining, “Since, then we–and the rest of the world– have watched Miley grow up in a very public sense. Between racy photos, tell-all interviews and a 2013 VMA performance that still lives in infamy, maybe it is best that Hannah Montana remains in the past.”

Writing for Billboard magazine online, Erin Strecker notes the same by titling her article “Miley Cyrus Circa ‘Hannah Montana’ Is Really Weird to Watch Now.” Strecker also notes how far Cyrus has gone from the days of playing Hannah Montana.

“We’re a long way from “The Best of Both Worlds. Miley Cyrus has gone through quite the transformation even since she grinded her way into pop culture infamy at the 2012 VMAs, Strecker writes, “The differences between her wild-child antics and her Disney past aren’t lost on the star. Yesterday, she Instagrammed an old photo of herself along with an admission of disbelief (caption: “Who the? What the?”).”

In just one example of her chosen lifestyle, that is quite distant from Hannah Montana, theInquisitr reports about a Miley Cyrus porn video.

“Miley Cyrus’ porn video was supposed to be entered in the upcoming NYC Porn Film Festival starting later this month, based upon the fest’s schedule and all other associated media platforms. Apparently, the negative publicity was enough to have the pop star “Tongue Tied,” since all support for the adult video festival has disappeared,” the Inquisitr reported.

Miley Cyrus clearly isn’t Hannah Montana and will never play the role again. That’s in the past, it’s history, Hannah Montana doesn’t exist anymore.

Picture of Miley Cyrus smoking pot from dopechef.com.