Cop Who Allegedly Had Sex With Four Women While On Duty Goes On Trial

A British police officer who is on trial for having sex while on duty with at least four woman, reportedly asked one of the women to “send some filth” in the form of lewd text messages and dirty pictures.

The cop in question, PC Adam Rushton from the Staffordshire Police force, also allegedly had sex with one of the women at a police station, when he got her to put handcuffs on him.

One woman claims she had sex with Rushton at least five times after he “seduced” her, having met her when she was just 21, the Birmingham Crown Court heard.

Not only did the woman keep in touch with Rushton, she also informed him of her new addresses when she moved house.

As she told the jury, “By 2011, I had known Adam for quite a while. Contact could go on for a month and then he would not hear from me for a while. He may have asked for pictures from me, some intimate pictures maybe but I replied telling him “no, I am not sending naughty pics to your work phone.”‘

She described PC Rushton as a “nice police officer,” adding, “Adam was the only person to give a damn. If I had said “Adam, no I am not going to send anything,” he would have stopped. There was no pressure. I think at the time I used Adam but only when I needed somebody. There might have been other texts but I cannot remember. We never met anywhere sordid. We had sex four or five times. He was wearing his uniform on one occasion when he came round so I presume he must have driven in his police car.”

Adam Rushton is being accused of a “serious breach” of trust by sleeping with the women while on duty. He denies the charges against him, explaining that in all cases the sex was totally mutual.

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