‘Empire’ Finale Brings In Huge Ratings For Fox

Empire is already the most-tweeted-about show, and a top-rated show at that, but how did it do for last night’s season finale? Empire exceeded expectations for their finale. It was predicted that their ratings would rise, but not by this much.

Last night’s two-hour season finale drew in 16.7 million people. In the second hour, viewership rose to 17.6 million people, making its ratings up by 12 percent from last week’s, which hit an astounding 14.9 million people.

According to Nielsens ratings, the series is now the highest-rated television show on network TV among the 18 to 49 demographic, and exceeds the CBS powerhouse The Big Bang Theory. Additionally Fox said that Wednesday night programming for them was the highest they’ve had since 2012’s season premiere of American Idol.

As for social media, as stated, Empire captured 2.4 million tweets, and Facebook users were in on it too with 15.8 million likes, in addition to 4.2 million Facebook users discussing the show.

As the Inquisitr reported, Empire riled up fans across Twitter with multiple storylines last night, but one that got the strongest reaction was rapper Black Rambo, whose freestyle was slammed on the social networking site.

In the season finale, Black Rambo left Empire after finding out that openly gay Jamal had been chosen as Lucious Lyon’s successor of the company. The rapper interrupted the press conference where it was announced that Jamal was taking over, and he bluntly voiced he was leaving the company due to Jamal’s sexual orientation. Later on Jamal and Black Rambo met for an impromptu rap battle and Twitter lost their minds for the hundredth time that night.

Most viewers said it was an 8 Mile moment, which is a reference to the film starring Eminem where a tense battle also took place.

Another popular tweet that got noticed was a comparison of Gabourey Sidibe’s outfit to the black power ranger.

What did you think about last night’s Empire?

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