‘Empire’ Finale: Black Rambo Freestyle Slammed On Twitter

A new Empire character, Black Rambo, made a big appearance during the Empire finale on Wednesday night.

Like many of the other Empire characters introduced throughout the first season, it did not take very long for Black Rambo to become a popular topic on social media. However, instead of being praised and applauded, Black Rambo quickly became a target for mocks and insults.

[Warning: Spoiler Alert]

Black Rambo first stormed on the scene in Episode 12, “Who I Am” (the second part of the Empire finale), to interrupt Lucious Lyon’s speech. At the time of his interruption, Lucious was introducing Jamal as the new head of Empire during a press conference.

To sum it up, Black Rambo made it clear that he did not approve of Lucious’ decision simply because of Jamal’s sexual orientation. Later in the same episode, Jamal decided to face his offensive critic head-to-head in a freestyle battle.

Many viewers compared the overall concept of the scene to the memorable freestyle battle between Eminem and Anthony Mackie’s characters in the hit 2002 movie, 8 Mile.

That was, of course, until Black Rambo started rapping.

“You’re rockin’ tutus and biker shorts, got me heated. You seeing me up in court. It’s getting critical. Fuse is going short. I know a b*tch that look just like you. Toes out. Butt out. Chest out like you. Ha ha! Boom. Boom-boom. Black Rambo.”

According to the numerous tweets that have targeted his freestyle verse, it is apparently clear that it was not well-received.

The only real similarity between the freestyle rap scenes during the Empire finale and 8 Mile was the creative way that the underdog retaliated against the defending champion.

Instead of trying to rap, Jamal did exactly what he does best: sing.

He was able to counterattack Black Rambo’s offensive insults about his homosexuality with a riveting performance that got the crowd on his side.

The fact that Jamal responded to a rap with a song might have been a little confusing to some. That moment of the episode has also received its own criticism for that reason.

However, Jamal’s lyrics and the power of his vocal performance made him the unanimous winner of the rap battle on Twitter as well.

Who do you think won the freestyle battle during the Empire finale — Black Rambo or Jamal?

[Image Credit: Dollar Photo Club & Empire YouTube Channel]

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