Kate ‘Magic Dust’ Turns Pregnant Duchess Into Real-Life Princess During Final Charity Work Before Baby [Video]

Duchess Kate Middleton turned into a real-life princess for children and their families by sprinkling “magic dust” at one of her final events before her second baby is born. And continuing the commitment that Princess Kate has shown in devoting herself to helping those in need, she is using that time to reach out to non-profit charity organizations and the vulnerable clients that they serve, reported People.

Kate’s most recent opportunity to enchant her doting public came when she visited with young mothers who had turned to help from the Home-Start charity. One mother, who has triplets, confided in Kate about her struggles to raise her little ones, and also about how much the Brookhill Children’s Centre had assisted her.

“Later on, [Kate] met the volunteer who had given that mom so much support over six months or more,” revealed Home-Start CEO Rob Parkinson. “She got a sense from the mom about how tough it had been bringing up three kids at the same time, and the wonderful contribution that volunteer had made.”

Parkinson emphasized that Princess Kate truly makes a difference for those who most need her special touch.

“She was able to speak to that volunteer and say ‘thank you for such an incredible job you have done.’ That interaction – and it happened many other times – was typical. She sprinkled a kind of magic dust on people. And whether you are a member of staff or a volunteer or a family, you feel more valued as a result of the visit than you might have done before.”

For those who might doubt her sincerity, Parkinson stated that he truly believes the Duchess of Cambridge’s desire to help is authentic.

“[She is] genuinely concerned to see better outcomes for families and kids through this kind of work.”

And just how Princess Kate spending the rest of her limited time before she has her baby? It’s all about charity work, according to Majesty magazine’s Facebook page.

For example, the Duchess of Cambridge will head to the Stephen Lawrence Centre in London to meet with both volunteers and staff. Prince William will be joining her. In addition, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will learn about the XLP Arts Program at Christ Church. The program encourages young people to be engaged in the arts.

So just when is Princess Kate’s due date? As the Inquisitr reported, the Duchess of Cambridge finally revealed the anticipated dates during which she is expected to have her second baby.

“I’m due mid-April, to the end of April. Not long to go now,” she said.

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