Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge To Come In 24K Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, Unless You Want The Rich Accessory Collection

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are expected to be released on April 10. The Korean manufacturer is shifting their focus on its luxury consumers or “premium-minded customers,” as Tech Times calls it. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will come in 24-karat gold, rose gold, and platinum variants, says the technology news source.

Of course, these new variants for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will cost you some money. Goldgenie offers all three variants for a hefty price of $2,500. The manufacturer anticipates that there will be a high demand for the luxury Galaxy S6 phones, especially with increased interest in the gold Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets and the new gold MacBook line.

Samsung Galaxy S6 24K GoldSamsung's Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are coming in three new premium variants. Designed by Goldgenie, the new handsets will have 24K Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum versions. (Photo : Goldgenie)

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will be available in black sapphire, white pearl, and gold platinum versions. If you want something that’s a little different, you can always go for the blue topaz option, which is an exclusive part of the Galaxy S6 line.

These devices will be available for pre-order from March 20 to April 7. The first shipment of any of the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge variants will take 14 to 21 days after its launch.

The gold variants aren’t new to the Galaxy S line. A spokesperson for Goldgenie says that the very first gold variant was presented to actor David Oyelowo.

“Our craftsmen were the first in the world to achieve a 24K Gold embellishment finish on the polycarbonate surface of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Alpha models, and Laban Roomes was proud to present a 24K Gold Samsung Galaxy S5 to ‘Selma’ star and revered British actor David Oyelowo at the Uptown Pre-Oscars event in Hollywood earlier this year.”

If you want something that’s just as luxurious but a little more affordable, you can wait for the Rich Accessory Collection to launch. This line will include protective cases designed by top fashion designers and brands made exclusively for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices. Samsung said in a recent announcement that it wants to bring together “the worlds of fashion and technology.”

Younghee Lee, the Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, explained in a press release how they want to mesh the two together.

“Samsung has a long history of designer partnerships and an unparalleled understanding of how technology enhances fashion and how fashion inspires technology. The premium accessory collection for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge represents our commitment to uniting the worlds of fashion and technology. Samsung has and will continue to pursue and create innovative, meaningful collaborations with the fashion industry that resonate with the ever-evolving consumer and provide them with essential tools for self-expression.”

This accessory collection will allow you to customize your Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge according to your personal style. It includes brand names like Burton, Montblanc, Rebecca Minkoff, Romero Britto, and Swarovski. The Swarovski line will include its classic “crystal-embellished covers” that will bring out the colors of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge’s glass. Meanwhile, Montblanc and Rebecca Minkoff will include pouches and flip cases made out of leather.

The "Rich Accessory Collection' for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. (Photo: Samsung)

Samsung said that the Rich Accessory Collection will be available through its official website and at retail stores during the Galaxy S6 launch. There is no word on how much these protective cases will cost, but they may cost less than $2,500. Verizon Wireless preorders will start on April 1, as previously reported on the Inquisitr. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are packed with features like a wireless charger and storage capacities of 64GB and 128GB, which is a big deal for the new handsets.

[Image: Samsung]