Photocopied Cats Mysteriously Appear At University Of Wisconsin Library, Officials Curious Of Culprit’s Identity

Officials at the University of Wisconsin are curious to discover the identity of the individual that was thought to have brought his or her cats to the Steenbock library to photocopy them. Images of the photocopied cats have randomly appeared throughout the library, leaving many to wonder if the cats are alright and if they are being abused. The university and library staff are asking students for help in identifying the guilty individual or individuals, hoping to gain some clarification on the motives of the images. At this time, it is not known if the photocopies are a prank or if a feline is actually in danger.

The photocopied cats were originally found by a staff member of the Badger Herald, the university’s newspaper, while studying. She was immediately intrigued and posted the photo on Twitter. The Steenbock Library is primarily used by students of agriculture, human ecology, life sciences, and even veterinary medicine, according to Time Magazine. It is possible the culprit is a student of veterinary medicine and the photocopied cats are merely a component of his or her research. Officials believe there is only one individual responsible for the library cats, but there is a strong possibility that it will go viral and copycats will find their way into other campuses across the nation.

The Huffington Post received some of the images from the Badger Herald and ran them through an image search. According to their findings, the photocopies can be found with dates as far back as 2013, leading them to believe the culprit in question did not bring his or her cats into the building to make photocopies. However, a staff member noticed a light fixture in one the photos that looks exactly like one in the library. This could mean the photocopied cat was originally a victim in the library and the photo is just now being shared.


At least one student has come forward and confirmed that he heard there was a cat in the library. However, it is not known whether he is referring to the images or if he actually saw or heard a feline.

Barry Kellogg, of the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association, states that the cats are most likely not in danger. However, the photocopies could have caused undue stress on the felines, curious as to what was happening to them.

“There are no known real risks to this. There may be some discomfort to the eyes because of the bright light, but that is temporary only. There’s no real worry from a health point of view.”

[Photo Courtesy: Badger Herald]

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