‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Transgender Story: When Will New Episodes Pick Up Story? [Spoilers]

Viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful were stunned by the transgender storyline reveal on Wednesday’s show. Few, if any, fans saw that coming and people can’t wait to see what comes next. Unfortunately, the wait will be a bit longer than anticipated. Why isn’t the show airing the rest of the week and when will things kick back into gear again?

The Bold and the Beautiful transgender storyline will pick up again with a new episode on Monday, March 23. Due to the NCAA Tournament airing on CBS both Thursday and Friday, both Bold and Beautiful and The Young and the Restless will be preempted.

While oftentimes soaps will throw out a cliffhanger and then switch to another storyline in the next episode, it seems that Monday’s show will bring more of Maya’s Bold and the Beautiful transgender storyline for fans. Karla Mosley, who plays Maya Avant, teased via Twitter after Wednesday’s cliffhanger that at least some answers are coming on Monday’s episode.

For those B&B fans who might have thought this was just a stunt cliffhanger or that the truth would be something entirely different, Mosley shows that this is a serious story the show plans to tell. She shared with Us Weekly that she’s done a lot of researching since being told about the Bold and the Beautiful transgender story plans.

Mosley says,

“I think that that’s probably part of why they came to me with this — in addition to the fact that it really fits Maya’s story in this kind of amazing way that no one could’ve ever predicted, I think that they also knew that I would be totally ready and willing to talk about these things in an open way.”

The Bold and Beautiful actress adds that she’s prepared to see both positive and negative fan response to the story, as this is a very different kind of tale to see on television, especially soap operas. While Maya will not be the first transgender soap character ever, she will be the first transgender character currently on a soap.

Viewers know there are a lot of answers to bring forth, as this big reveal doesn’t entirely mesh with some of the details revealed previously about Maya. However, executive producer and writer Bradley Bell notes that they believe this is an important story about love and tolerance and it would seem this story does have the opportunity to generate some important discussion.

What is the background on Maya’s story? When will others learn about the secret and how will Rick react? The Bold and the Beautiful transgender story picks up again with Monday’s new episode after a brief break on Thursday and Friday for CBS to air the NCAA Tournament.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]