WWE News: WWE Confiscates Daniel Bryan Signs At ‘WWE RAW,’ Is WWE Holding Bryan Back Yet Again?

For decades, WWE has allowed their fans to come in and support their favorite WWE Superstar or WWE Diva. While they allow many signs, some that contain adult material or things of that nature aren’t allowed and removed. This is seen as fine by many fans, as WWE does have a TV show they must produce and must keep to a certain program rating. However, it has only been lately that we’ve heard various stories involving WWE removing signs or making fans change them.

Possibly the most interesting case to date was last week, when WWE was shooting WWE RAW in Des Moines, Iowa. According to Ringside News, a few fans came to the show dressed as their favorite WWE legends. The person who bought the tickets said that he and his nine friends attended the show, and the tickets were bought at $100 a piece. This meant that WWE got $1,000 out of the ten people attending the show.

WWE cronies came to them during the show and asked them to change. They were not causing any problems or any major issues of note. The reason given to them to change was that they were too distracting from the show.

This was not the only thing that happened in Iowa. WWE was also said to have confiscated Daniel Bryan signs at the event. Security told two fans who confirmed the rumored report that they had enough Daniel Bryan signs in the arena.

DB sign

WWE claims they had no idea about the report and didn’t believe they were true. However, when two different fans come out and say their sign was taken along with several others who started the report, that probably means it’s true.

Did security remove these signs under WWE orders, or did they act out on their own? Chances are pretty high that WWE would say something to security about it and they wouldn’t just take signs from fans because there were enough for one man. Daniel Bryan is popular, so it’s well known that fans will bring signs to support him. It’s a tradition that pro wrestling has had for years.

Is WWE trying to interfere in it? Are they trying to force WWE fans at home to see less Daniel Bryan love and more Roman Reigns love? It seems cameras want to go to Reigns signs a lot these days, the few that are actually in each arena. Meanwhile, Bryan signs can be seen everywhere. There are plenty of Cena signs as well or those dressed in his “WWE gear.”

It certainly wouldn’t be a shock for WWE to try and trick the fans at home into believing something that doesn’t exist. After all, they attempt it in programming every week. WWE is trying to make stars, but they do already have one. So it would be weird for them to keep a man down who they could make money with every day of the week. Of course, if this news is true, WWE is doing just that.

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