WWE News: Big Story On What Led To Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania Plans, Was He Set To Replace Brock Lesnar?

A lot of people wondered how it came to be that WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan made his way into the IC Title Ladder match when he was originally set for a few different matches. One match that had been rumored was he versus a returning Sheamus. Another rumor had Bryan involved in a triple threat for the WWE World Heavyweight Title in the main event of WrestleMania. So how did he end up here?

According to Daily Wrestling News, it was speculated that WWE was leaving Daniel Bryan out of WreslteMania plans for the time because he was an option to replace Brock Lesnar if WWE were to have a bigger falling out, resulting in a no-show for Lesnar. It seems as it was just speculation however, as WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon has remained almost stupidly confident that WWE will be able to keep Lesnar when his contract ends. On top of that, he felt Lesnar would never no-show Mania or other dates.

He also believes that the WrestleMania date pays so much for Lesnar that it’d be too large to pass up.

This led to other speculation that WWE knew a few weeks ago that they were going to add Daniel Bryan to the IC Title match. Of course he was not named for the match until after Lesnar came back which makes the other theory quite valid.

There was still a lot of speculation that Lesnar’s WWE RAW blow-up with Vince McMahon backstage could have caused enough friction to make Brock want to stay home. Thankfully for WWE, Lesnar was back on WWE RAW last week and is ready for his showdown with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 31 in a few weeks.

A lot of people wondered what Daniel Bryan would be doing for months, so much so that online backlash occurred for weeks regarding Daniel Bryan not having a match. Many feel that the IC Title match is stacked with men that probably deserve more high profile matches. This is why it is thought that the ladder match will steal the show, so that they can make WWE sorry for not putting them in higher profile matches.

It does make sense that WWE wanted to hold off what to do with Bryan at least for a while. The build into what he was going to be doing was at least a little interesting. This ladder match will surely bring importance to the IC Title and Bryan being part of that is good. However, many still believe he deserves better. Still though, he is being given a title opportunity of some sort in a very exciting match with other exciting WWE Superstars. It is not as if Bryan got the short end of the stick this time.

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