Soldier, 20, Kills His 14-Year-Old Girlfriend’s Mother Because She Didn’t Want The Pair Dating

A 20-year-old soldier killed his 14-year-old girlfriend’s mother after she disapproved of their relationship. Caleb Barnes stabbed 54-year-old Cheryl Silvonek to death in front of her Pennsylvania home.

The Morning Call reports that the angry soldier stabbed Silvonek in the neck repeatedly on Sunday morning after he found out the mother was trying to discourage her daughter from dating him. The report indicates that Barnes stabbed the woman as she sat in her car in the driveway. Apparently, the three individuals, Barns, Silvonek, and the 14-year-old girl, got into an argument in the car. The soldier then pulled out a knife and began stabbing the woman. The horrified daughter sat and watched as her mother was murdered right before her eyes by her boyfriend.

After the incident, the shocked teen got into the car with Barnes and went to a local Walmart to purchase bleach, alcohol, and various other items to clean up the crime scene. The pair then drove Silvonek’s dead body to a wooded area and buried it. A resident near where the body was buried woke at 4 a.m. to his dog barking. He heard something outside and noticed a car parked the wrong way on the road with what looked like large amounts of blood on the dashboard. The resident called police, who arrived within five minutes. When the police arrived, the car was gone, however, what they found instead of the car was horrific. After noticing a disturbed mound of dirt, the police found the bloody body of Silvonek.

According to CBS Local, at the time of the murder, the soldier was on weekend leave from his post at Fort Meade in Maryland. The man was using his leave to visit his 14-year-old girlfriend when apparently he found out about the mother’s disapproval.

“The mother became aware of the relationship and was attempting to have her daughter break it off.”

The 14-year-old has been arrested and is currently in juvenile detention for abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence, and hindering apprehension. Police are still trying to determine if the girl will be charged as a juvenile or adult. However, her lawyer says that she is “devastated” by the killing and misses her mom.

“She’s just crying for her mom, saying she misses her mom. This is a child, who just turned 14. She’s in shock.”

Meanwhile, Barnes has been arrested for homicide, abuse of a corpse, and statutory sexual assault. He is in Lehigh County Jail being held without bail.

[Image Credit: Twitter/Caleb Barnes]

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