Great Falls Melee: Chainsaw Brought To Street Brawl, No Serious Injuries Reported

A Great Falls melee involved a chainsaw, but somehow, no one was seriously injured. According to Sport Act, a fight broke out on Monday afternoon in a small farming town in Montana. Two vehicles arrived in Big Sandy’s block-long commercial district (which is usually very quiet), and seven people got out to fight each other in the streets. It didn’t take long for people to line the streets, where they looked on, not believing what they were witnessing.

According to Yahoo! News, a man grabbed a chainsaw from a pickup truck, and started swinging it around. He didn’t hurt anyone, however, and turned it off soon after. Despite people having knives and going after one another, there were only a couple of minor injuries reported.

The Great Falls melee involving a chainsaw has led to four citations for disorderly conduct. County Sheriff Vern Burdick said that the motive behind the fight is still unclear, but he’s hopeful that all of those who were involved will be held accountable for their actions. He says that more charges will be filed in time.

Those who live and/or work in the town are still in shock. Things like this don’t generally happen in their quiet neck of the woods. Everyone is thankful that there were no children present at the time and that things didn’t escalate even more.

“All the doors were flying open, and people were getting out and running around and hitting each other. I was really glad school wasn’t out at the time, and there were no kids walking around down Main Street. We were lucky in a lot of ways,” said Cherie Stiles, one of the owners of the Bear Paw Coffee Shop and Deli.

Bringing a chainsaw to a fight is apparently becoming a thing nowadays. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a chainsaw was involved in a fight in San Diego, California, over the weekend. Two people were seriously injured in that brawl, which involved nearly two dozen people. The conditions of the two people are unknown at this time.

“Police officers did confirm that at least one person in the chainsaw fight was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. Whether or not this means the other people involved in the large brawl managed to escape was left unstated,” reported the Inquisitr.

The Great Falls melee without a chainsaw would have been frightening enough. Bringing such a thing out and threatening people with it is crazy to even think about.

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