Cheating Husband Had His Privates Almost Bitten Off By Wife’s Friend At Picnic

When 53-year-old Florin Ionita went out for a picnic with his wife and friends, the last thing he expected was to be rushed to hospital after his penis was almost bitten off by one of his wife’s friends.

As the story goes, the man went to a park in Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova, for a nice day out. When his wife left with other friends to drop people home, Florin was left with one of his wife’s friends and he made a pass at her.

The man’s wife, Marie, told reporters, “I was at a picnic with my husband and some friends and I left to take some of them home in our car, leaving him behind with one friend. When I came back I saw him with his trousers around his ankles clutching his private parts and saying ‘Call an ambulance, it is going to fall off’.”

When she asked her husband what had happened, he reportedly told her that he had dropped his pants and exposed himself to his wife’s friend, to which the friend bit him, down south, very hard.

Despite almost losing his penis, Florin is lucky that his wife loves him and said she has forgiven him for what he did, “as he was only trying to do what all men try to do, but when I called the ambulance I didn’t do it too fast, and I told them not to hurry.”

At the same time, the friend who bit the man’s penis reported the incident to the police, accusing him of trying to assault her. Ionita will be questioned by police after he leaves the hospital where he is recovering.

The man’s excuse to his wife for what he did was a classic one though, which we’re sure you’ll agree, as he told her, “I just wanted to pass the time pleasantly.”

When the police asked her why she almost bit Florin’s penis off, she rationalized that it was the only way to stop him from forcing himself upon her.

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