Teenager Stabs Man In The Heart For Spilling Coffee On Him

A Connecticut man was fatally stabbed in the chest after accidentally spilling his McDonald’s coffee near a 15-year-old boy. Even after apologizing, 52-year-old Antonio Muralles was stomped on and stabbed in the heart multiple times.

According to the Huffington Post, the teenage boy, Marquest Hall, was with another young man named James McLamb, 22, when Muralles spilled his coffee on them. The two youths became furious with the Stamford resident and began beating him up.

“Apparently, there was a stick also involved in this attack,” said Stamford Police Lt. Diedrich Hohn. “He was being poked with a stick by a juvenile.”

Local firefighters witnessed the scene as Antonio Muralles apologized for the mistake, but the teen proceeded to stab the man anyway. He was rushed to the hospital but later died from the stab wounds.

“The 15-year-old stabbed him in the chest,” Hohn explained. “Then the 22-year-old jumped on him and started beating him. And then the 15-year-old stabbed him again and again.”

According to CBS Local, Marquest Hall is being charged as an adult for the murder, a trend that seems to be happening more and more. James McLamb will also be charged for brutalizing Muralles relentlessly as he bled on the sidewalk.

Hall’s defense lawyer declined to comment about the charges, but did say that the allegations would be thoroughly investigated.

“We will take a close look at the surveillance recordings, police reports and witness statements. Anytime someone this young is accused of murder, it’s critical to proceed thoroughly and with compassion for all of the parties involved.”

But the evidence seems to be stacked against the teen. The stabbing may have been inevitable, as witnesses heard the teen threatening a group of people before he stabbed the man for spilling coffee. Hall was seemingly looking to cause trouble one way or another.

“Who is going to be the next person to get cut?” the teen allegedly said to a crowd.

If the teen is convicted of stabbing Muralles and is successfully tried as an adult, he could spent the rest of his life in prison — all over a spilled cup of coffee.

Family members of Muralles reported that the man had moved to the United States from Guatemala to seek new opportunities. He had lived with the family of his niece and sang love songs in his spare time.

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