Brandi Glanville Apologizes To Boyfriend For Latest ‘RHOBH’ Episode, Says Lisa Vanderpump’s Lie About Scheana Marie Has Been Revealed

Brandi Glanville apparently has a boyfriend now. Early Wednesday evening, a day after the latest The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode aired, Brandi tweeted an apology to her boyfriend for what happened in Amsterdam.

Tuesday night’s episode began with the woman still in Amsterdam. In one scene, Brandi tells Kim Richards that she met a much younger Dutch man while in the Red Light District, that they were “up all night” and that he has asked her out on a date. While the rest of the women go out to dinner together, Brandi goes on the date with the Dutch man, Andre, who, as it turns out, went to school with Lisa Vanderpump’s son, Max.

Brandi tweeted that she was single while in Amsterdam but now has a boyfriend whom she loves. She apologized if the episode hurt his feelings. She did not reveal who her boyfriend is.

In her latest blog post, Brandi criticized Lisa for making critical comments upon hearing from Kim that Brandi was out on a date with Max’s friend and had already seduced him.

“Next, my travel romance. I skipped the last dinner party. What a welcome reprieve. Hello, I was single after all. I had a great time. Lovely man. Lovely dates. Lovely city. Lovely nights … and what a great way to end a vacation abroad. Oh, and shame on Lisa V.’s comment trying to shame me for dating a younger man. She married a much older man herself and her best friend’s fiancé is 30 years younger than he is. Live and let live!”

Brandi Glanville also criticized Lisa Vanderpump for her relationship with her SUR staff member and Vanderpump Rules cast member Scheana Marie, despite this particular issue not being a part of the latest The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode. Brandi wrote that Lisa has finally been caught in her lie about not being good friends with Scheana, whom she believes Lisa purposefully pushed on her in order to pump up ratings for her spin-off show.

“Lisa V. finally admitted, on Twitter no less, that she did know Scheana, but as her daughter Pandora’s friend, for three years before I met Lisa. That’s her only daughter living at home and socializing with her good friend Scheana. Hanging out, swimming, eating, whatever, and talking about “boyfriends” (Scheana’s happened to be my then-husband). Finally, the truth! Then Lisa V. tweeted again, clarifying that she had been Scheana’s ‘friend’ for five years. How many times have I heard personally and you’ve heard Lisa V. say ‘she’s just an employee’ and ‘she’s not my friend’ and ‘I dooon’t knooow her.’ Thanks for finally admitting that a year later … on Twitter. I found it all out a year ago as I’ve said numerous times, and you wonder why our friendship went south so fast.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, in late February, Lisa Vanderpump defended her relationship with Scheana Marie after she received criticism from some of Brandi Glanville’s fans. Lisa tweeted that she knew Scheana as an employee but that she has obviously grown closer to Scheana in recent years because of Vanderpump Rules. Lisa also added that she wouldn’t fire Scheana just because of Brandi.

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