Westminster Dog Show Begins [Live Video]

Spaniels, Labradors, Scottish Terriers, and Poodles are set to take the stage at the 2012 Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden. More than 2000 dogs will be competing in one of America’s oldest competitions over the next few days in New York.

The Westminster Dog Show sees all sorts of breeds competing for “Best in Show.” This year, the American Kennel Club recognized six new breeds, the American English Coon Hound, the Cesky Terrier, Entlebucher Mountain Dog, Finnish Lapphund, Norwegian Lundehund, and the Standard Xoloitzcuintli, will be eligible to compete for the award. (You can see photos of the six new dog breeds here.)

The Westminster Dog Show can trace its history all the way back to the 1800s. In 1877, Forest and Stream magazine wrote:

“To say that the dog show held in the city last week was a success would but poorly convey an idea of what the result really was. It was a magnificent triumph for the dogs and for the projectors of the show. We question if on any previous occasion has there ever assembled in this city such a number of people at one time, and representing as much of the culture, wealth and fashion of the town. That such a collection of dogs was ever gotten together before in any country we very much doubt …”

More than 2000 dogs from 185 breeds will be competing in the Westminster Dog Show this year. All Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting and Herding breeds will be judged today and all Sporting, Working, and Terrier breeds will be judged on Tuesday. You can watch a live stream of the Westminster Dog Show below.

Streaming Live by Ustream

Last year’s “Best in Show” winner was a Scottish Deerhound owned by Sally Sweatt, Cecilia L. Dove, and Dr. R Scott Dove.

If the Westminster Dog Show is a little dry for you, here’s the trailer for “Best in Show,” a spoof of the famous competition.

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