WWE News: WWE Reportedly Will Attempt To Sign Brock Lesnar In Los Angeles At WWE ‘RAW?’

In the last 12 hours, a lot of news on Brock Lesnar and his WWE status has changed drastically. Before Monday’s edition of WWE RAW, it was still assumed by many in the WWE Universe that he was headed for the UFC, along with former-WWE champion CM Punk. Punk and Lesnar continue to have a relationship that involves the UFC, as Lesnar gave him key advice days ago.

Earlier today, the Inquisitr reported that Lesnar is very close to signing a WWE deal. In fact, he may have already signed one, but the public just doesn’t know about it yet. There’s also a better question: did Lesnar use the UFC to gain a better WWE deal? Lesnar is a great businessman, so one might hope he did just that.

As for the updated news, this coming Monday at WWE RAW in Los Angeles will be very key for WWE’s future. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Lesnar hasn’t signed a WWE deal. However, there will be contractual talks this Monday.

“The situation with Lesnar and WWE is still the same as it was two weeks ago when he had the heated argument with Vince McMahon and there is no movement with negotiations. WWE will be attempting to get Brock to agree to a new deal this Monday in Los Angeles.”

Any reports on Lesnar signing a WWE deal, as of right now, are false. That is also according to the report by Dave Meltzer. It’s unclear whether WWE will announce a deal or not, since it is so public. Normally, a WWE superstar isn’t in the public eye as much as Lesnar. Also, another popular company isn’t after the same guy. Perhaps Dana White will break the news if WWE signed Lesnar.

A lot of variables are involved with Lesnar’s situation. He’s the top-commodity in all of combat sports. Nobody is more “over” than the “Beast Incarnate” right now in WWE. Even White wants Lesnar back in the UFC, who left in 2012 for a WWE return. Would Lesnar succeed if he heads back to UFC? That’s a great question, because he is a lot older than he was when he debuted in the UFC.

WWE obviously wants Lesnar to stay. It is because of their need to change the main event of WrestleMania? For the last few months, it’s been their plan to crown Roman Reigns as the new “top guy” in WWE. While John Cena and Daniel Bryan masquerade in the mid-card with championships, Roman Reigns would lead the charge on WWE RAW and their 20-minute opening promo. Is that best for business, or should Brock Lesnar retain his WWE title?

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