Illegal Butt Injection Horror: Suspects Used Super Glue And Cotton Balls

Illegal butt injections can kill, which has been proven by a handful of cases over the past couple of years. However, that hasn’t stopped people from seeking the illegal procedures due to the affordability — and with demand, comes supply. These procedures are close to never performed under any enforced medical guidelines, and the people performing them are rarely licensed professionals — such as the two suspects currently being sought by police in Dallas, Texas.

WFAA, an ABC News affiliate, reports that two suspects administered the illegal enhancements which are believed to be responsible for the death of 34-year-old Wykesha Reid. The woman was found dead on February 19 inside a business where authorities believe she was given a botched butt injection procedure. She had been found with her pants down, laying on her back on a massage table.

A transgender woman by the name of Jimmy Joe “Alicia” Clarke discovered Reid’s body that morning. She admitted to locking the woman in her place of business overnight, claiming that she had come in the previous evening and wanted to lay down, complaining about not feeling well. However, Clarke’s story began to deteriorate when a witness told police that he saw someone erratically driving Reid’s truck earlier that morning at around 1:11 a.m.

Another witness — a woman who works in the same business where Reid’s body was found — told police that Clarke and another suspect did in fact perform illegal butt injections inside the business, which was otherwise used legitimately to perform eyelash extensions. The woman told police that both Clarke and a woman nicknamed “Wee Wee” entered the business and asked her to leave, even though she was in the middle of giving a client eyelash extensions. She said that she and her client left, assuming that “Wee Wee” and Clarke were going to be doing a butt injection procedure in the establishment. The following day, Clarke allegedly called her and told her “not to break.” She also pressured the woman not to tell police that she had seen “Wee Wee,” who is formally named Denise Rochelle Ross.

The details of this case get worse. A woman who is being treated as a witness named Vivian Martinez claims that she paid $520 for implants. She told police that both Clarke and “Wee Wee” were not only present together, but also worked together to conduct the procedure. She said that Clarke told her to take off her pants, and directed her to lay on a massage table, where the injections immediately began — seven syringes full of a mystery silicone-like solution. All seven syringes were injected into her buttocks at the same time, causing her excruciating pain. She told police that when she began “screaming in agony,” she was told to be quiet. At the end of the procedure, the wounds left by the seven syringe needles were allegedly closed up with nothing more than super glue and cotton balls.

This is clearly not the first horror story to come from illegal butt injections. People have died, and people have been disfigured. The amount of horrific stories in the media should be enough to steer people away from this reckless and unnecessary illegal procedure. A woman named April Brown made headline news when she suffered severe complications from butt injections. NBC News reports that Brown’s limbs had to be amputated after she suffered for years in excruciating pain — all complications caused by the injections.

[Photo: Dallas County Sheriff’s Office mugshots]

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