Nicki Minaj Brings Pope to Grammy’s, Has Exorcism on Stage [Video]

Last year Lady Gaga showed up to the Grammy Awards in an egg. It was part of an elaborate stage production that saw her “reborn” on stage. Well, Lady Gaga wasn’t performing this year so it was up to Nicki Minaj to pick up the slack in crazy. Nicki Minaj walked the red carpet with a pope look-a-like, a preview to her onstage exorcism.

The controversial performance was, of course, met with a lot of criticism.

Do you think the performance was sacrilegious? Offensive? Bizarre? Awesome? Boring?

The performance started with Nicki Minaj singing to a priest. Her words seemed to burn the priests soul and convinces him that Minaj needs an exorcism. Cut to a pre-taped segment where Minaj (I mean her alter-ego Roman) smears lipstick on herself and crawls up to the upper corner of the room.

When they cut back to the live show, Minaj is chained to a board as guys with monk robes dance around her. Then there’s some fire and the priest walks out to do the exorcism, which ends with Minaj levitating toward the ceiling.

It was…. theatrical.

nicki minaj grammys

Here’s the video of Nick Minaj’s Grammy performance.

What did you think? Was this offensive?

So far the reaction has been mixed. Some people criticized Nicki Minaj, like Lady Gaga, for putting the focus on wild performances and not on the music.

@thekatiestevens wrote:

“Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, I’m all about expression, but it has gone overboard. Love Adele cause her focus is on music, not controversy.”

Do you think this was a little over the top?