Natalia Kills Defends ‘X Factor’ Bullying [Video]

Following an episode of The X Factor New Zealand that labeled Natalia Kills a bully and resulted in both Natalia and husband Willy Moon being kicked off the show, Ms. Kills has come forward to defend her tirade made to contestant Joe Irvine. Natalia took the opportunity to speak out in her defense, after she and Moon fled to Los Angeles. Although Ms. Kills hasn’t specifically apologized or admitted any fault, Natalia’s statements seem to indicate a feeling of guilt on her part.

“I feel like everyone needs to put the idea of it being a manufactured conspiracy theory behind them, there’s really nothing to it…There are many sides to this story and I am not about to get an entire industry in trouble that has been going on for years and years entertaining the masses, so thank you absolutely everyone for your support, thank you to all of my fans, thank you to my husband.”

The statements followed the revelation that Natalia had actually lost her recording contract just before the new season of The X Factor New Zealand began on February 18. An American representative for Cherrytree Records, Ms. Kills former recording label, told Daily Mail that Cherrytree Records and Natalia had terminated their commitment to one another several months prior.

U.K. singer Natalia Kills had unleashed the degrading assessment to Mr. Irvine, following his performance on Sunday night’s episode. The incident sparked an immediate public backlash due to the spiteful and humiliating way in which it was delivered, shaming the couple so much that they fled New Zealand altogether. Outcry from X Factor fans demanded the termination of both Moon and Kills with assertions that Ms. Kills herself had copied other artists, such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Willy Wonka.

For those that missed the tirade, view the video here:

Dominic Bowden, host for the New Zealand version of X Factor issued a statement supporting MediaWorks’ decision to let both judges go and assured fans that the X Factor would appoint two replacement judges, before next week’s episode.

Former X Factor judges Kills and Moon had been caught at the airport terminal by reporters hoping for their statements concerning the X Factor incident, but both Natalia and Willy had declined to comment. Instead, the disgraced X Factor judges huddled together and scurried onto their late night flight.

Recording artist Lorde felt so bad for Joe Irvine that she sent the contestant cupcakes to help soothe his battered ego.

[Image via New Zealand Music Awards/Getty Images]