Married Guy Gets Nasty With Wife’s Young Friend — She Gives Him A Very Unpleasant Surprise

A married man got a nasty surprise when he tried to get nasty with his wife’s young friend — but it was a surprise he may have deserved, depending on one’s point of view on such matters. Amazingly, his wife forgave him for his transgression — after taking her time before seeking medical help.

Here’s the story, being reported out of the Eastern European country of Moldavia on Wednesday.

The man was identified as 53-year-old Florin Ionita, who was enjoying a picnic in a public park with his wife, Maria, 49 years old, and a group of friends on a recent sunny afternoon. But when Maria left the picnic to drive a few of the friends home, that’s when Ionita got some entirely inappropriate ideas.

He decided that with his wife away for a half hour, it was a good time to have sex with one of his wife’s young friends at the picnic, reportedly a 24-year-old woman.

There was only one problem — other than the fact that he was married. The young lady had no interest in that sort of attention from the older, married man. But Ionita wouldn’t quit. He attempted to force himself on the young woman.

At some point, the man dropped his pants down to his ankles and exposed himself to the younger woman — who promptly clamped her teeth down on to his penis, and wouldn’t let go. At least, not until Ionita gave up on his attempt to sexually assault her.

The young woman then left and reported the attack to the police.

But Ionita’s wife Maria returned first. To her understandable surprise, she found her husband on the ground, writhing in pain and holding his private parts — which were still exposed, with his pants wrapped around his ankles and shoes.

“Call an ambulance,” he demanded. “It’s going to fall off!”

But Maria was in no big hurry, given the situation. She wanted to know what happened and, given no other choice, he told her about his attempt to have relations with the younger woman, giving her an interesting explanation of his inexcusable actions.

“I just wanted to pass the time pleasantly,” he told his wife.

Maria then took her sweet time before she called an ambulance — and even then, deliberately gave the paramedics confusing directions to their location. Still she says, she was willing to forgive her husband because, “he was only trying to do what all men try to do,” according to a report in Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper.

When he gets out of the hospital, Ionita could face to five years in prison.

Was the married man really “only trying to do what all men try to do,” or were his actions a serious crime — as the police are treating it? And do you think he got his just deserts from the young friend and her sharp teeth?

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