War Veteran Takes On Wife Beater: Watch The Dramatic Confrontation [Video]

It’s always great to see a potential wife beater get taken down by another person. It’s even better when the person doing the take down is a disabled war veteran.

That’s exactly what happened in this video that was posted on YouTube. With no exact location given beyond the fact that it did occur in a Waffle House located in the United States, one angry veteran customer confronts another customer who allegedly put his hands around a woman’s neck during a heated confrontation.

The veteran stood up and, as other customers looked on in shock, demanded that the man stop what he was doing — or else.

And, in a threat that couldn’t be more perfect for a confrontation at a Waffle House, the veteran told the potential wife beater, “You touch her again and you will be my motherf******* breakfast.” Sounds good enough — who knows? Maybe the Waffle House where the incident occurred will start naming a meal after the take-down. “Yes, I’ll have the Wife Beater for breakfast, with a side of hash browns.”

The veteran, perhaps to let the wife beater know exactly what it feels like to be physically bullied himself, grabs hold of the other man’s shirt and continues to issue threats, asking, “What are you going to do to me?” before finally letting the man go.

The bully then quickly does a walk of shame, exiting the Waffle House with a group of his friends.

The video was uploaded to YouTube, where commenters, who were not privy to the fact that, before the confrontation happened, the one man had been physically abusive towards his wife, at first wondered if the incident was race-related. However, commenter rabnmab1991, claiming to be the wife of the veteran, cleared the incident up.

“The man everyone is called the ‘Big Bad A** Trucker’ is my husband. He is actually a Hispanic, Disabled Gulf War Veteran. I had to put that in there because of all the racial comments going back and forth. This had nothing at all to do with race. What nobody say was when it all started. The little piece of s*** was screaming at his woman and then put his hands around her throat and started choking her.”

That piece of information, of course, completely changes how the video was initially interpreted. The wife of the veteran was clear about how her husband, and their entire family, views anyone who engages in violence against women.

“No one stepped in stop it so my husband did. We have no tolerance for violence in my family. We have zero tolerance for any violence against women.”

Perhaps one of the driving reasons for that intolerance can be seen in the video, when the veteran tells the wife beater that he watched his own mother being beaten.

With the United Nations recently releasing a report highlighting the fact that violence against women is at an “alarmingly high level,” with about 35 percent of women worldwide experiencing physical violence in their lifetime, watching this veteran making sure that at least one potentially ugly situation was avoided becomes even more significant.

According to other YouTube comments, police were notified and did arrest a man in connection with the assault of the woman.

Another chain restaurant was a recent scene of violence when a group of young women took it upon themselves to brutally beat their friend for sitting on a burger. The footage of that brutal attack went viral. For more on that, click here. It’s too bad the unnamed veteran in the video below wasn’t there to help her out. What do you think? Would confront a person for assaulting another person?