Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards Split? One Direction Cutie Holds Hands With Mystery Blonde [Updated]

Fans have been wondering if Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have broken up for good. There are also rumors swirling that he was caught cheating on his fiance. New fan photos showed Zayn Malik holding hands with a mystery blonde in Thailand.

Hollywood Life says that Malik, 22, was spotted holding hands with a mystery blonde. You can see the blurry photos for yourself. It definitely looks like Malik in the photos. The blonde girl is not Edwards, as this girl has tattoos, and Edwards herself doesn’t have any noticeable tattoos.

In the photos, Zayn is allegedly holding hands with the blonde girl at a nightclub in Thailand. She rocks a half-sleeve tattoo on her lower-left arm, according to the news source. It’s obvious to Zerrie fans that Perrie doesn’t have such a tattoo.

Some fans don’t believe the scandal. They think the guy in the photos doesn’t have any tattoos. Hollywood Life points out that you can see Malik’s tattoos on his right arm, and the ying-yang tattoo on his left wrist. Also, you can very obviously see the tattoo on his neck and back.

The One Direction fan shared the photos on Twitter. She included the caption: “Zayn’s holding hands with a girl today!” It’s clear to see that the girl Zayn is holding hands with is not Perrie. She’s taller and slimmer than his fiance.

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The blurry photos spread quickly on the social networking site. It also sparked several comments from One Direction fans. Some fans asked who the mystery girl was, while others don’t think he’s doing anything wrong by holding hands with someone else. Some fans don’t even want to believe the Zayn Malik cheating rumors.

One fan wrote: “This whole ‘zayn cheating’ thing is bs. He’s holding hands with a blonde with tattoos, holding hands not making out.”

This comes after Edwards, 21, said that her relationship with Malik has been “difficult.” In an interview with Tabloid!, she said that their famous relationship is filled with many pros and cons. It’s obvious that Malik and Edwards haven’t been spending as much time together lately.

“Finding a time when we’re both off, we’re both free, is difficult,” she said.

These new photos also happened after Perrie was seen flashing her engagement ring around town, especially on Instagram. She allegedly showed off her ring to prove that her and Zayn haven’t broken up, despite what the reports have said. But now fans are wondering if Zayn was caught cheating on Perrie.

This isn’t the first time that Malik has cheated on Edwards. Just two years ago, the One Direction hunk was caught cheating on his girlfriend with an Australian beauty who sold the photos to a tabloid. She took the photos of Malik while he was asleep in bed, after allegedly sleeping with him after their night together.


Zayn Malik also allegedly cheated on Perrie Edwards by meeting up with fans in hotel rooms and having online affairs. Do you think he and Perrie are broken up, or is he cheating on her again?

Updated: Celebrity gossip site, Oh No They Didn’t!, discovered that Zayn’s mystery girl, Lauren Rich, posted a pic of them together last night on her Instagram account. After receiving numerous comments from One Direction fans, she has set her account to private.


[Image: Perrie Edwards via Instagram]