‘Empire’ Spoilers, Renewal News: What Can Fans Expect As Season 1 Wraps?

The finale of Season 1 of Empire airs Wednesday night on Fox and it’s shaping up to be one wild episode. The show has taken television by storm this season and while fans aren’t ready to say goodbye yet, they are definitely embracing every crazy moment along the way. What Empire spoilers are available for the March 18 finale?

Taraji P. Henson, who plays Cookie, teased some big Empire spoilers via an appearance on the Steve Harvey Show. Rumor Fix shares the segment where she reveals that a Lyons family member is about to be thrown behind bars. Henson teases that she is so sorry about what they’re about to do to viewers, because it’s really bad.

She says that one of the “other Lyons” is about to mess up and go to jail. Which family member will it be? Some fans seem to be leaning toward Jamal, though there are certainly many options with Lucious, Andre, Rhonda and Hakim all keeping busy with plenty of shenanigans as well.

As viewers saw in last week’s episode, Jamal has come out, embraced the idea of being a father to Lola and heard that his father supposedly impregnanted his ex-wife. He’s made moves to break away from Lucious’ control and Jamal says he’s looking to take the company over for himself. Of course nothing will be quite that simple on Empire though.

TVLine notes that Empire spoilers and teasers have indicated that there are big moves and decisions ahead in Wednesday’s finale in a way that will change everything. Viewers will get some answers to storylines that have been playing out, but Season 1 ends on a note that sets the stage for changing dynamics and new beginnings.

Showrunner Ilene Chaiken teases that fans should “Be prepared for some things to happen in Lucious’ life that nobody ever predicted.”

Of course fans have already seen some unpredictable developments regarding Lucious in these recent episodes, but it seems more is on the way. In addition, it sounds as if Cookie and her thoughts regarding Lucious will be key in this finale. What about Anika? There seems to be something big on the way with her in this finale as well, teases E! Online.

Empire spoilers reveal that Anika will do something in connection with one of Lucious’ sons that will stun viewers. Just how far would she go to get what she wants? From the sounds of it, very, very far. It seems she may stir up very heated reactions and fans can’t wait to see just what is in store.

The Season 1 finale is titled “Die But Once; Who I Am.” TV Guide teases that Lucious’ secret could change everything, while he and Jamal may actually be able to build a productive relationship when it comes to the music side of things. Hakeem is said to flirt with the enemy, which sounds like it could perhaps tie in to that big Anika tease.

Luckily no matter how Season 1 ends, fans can rest assured that more is on the way. Fox has renewed Empire for Season 2 and it sounds as if there will be cliffhangers ahead in Wednesday’s finale. TV Guide teases that there is a big catfight ahead and viewers will see Rita Ora, Jennifer Hudson and Snoop Dogg are in the mix of things in this two-hour finale.

Just how wild will the Wednesday, March 18 Empire Season 1 finale get? Fans can’t wait to find out, and it sounds as if they’ll surely be chomping at the bit for Season 2 to come back with new episodes hopefully in the fall.

[Photo by Chuck Hodes/Fox]