Ann Coulter ‘Dishes’ On Anorexia, Hates On All GOP Presidential Candidates Except One

In addition to a controversial opinion on anorexia, best-selling conservative author and Sharknado 3 star Ann Coulter says she “hates” all the 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls, except Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor.

Coulter gave her views in an appearance yesterday on Good Day LA with hosts Steve Edwards and Araksya Karapetyan.

She admitting having one minor reservation about Walker, however, in connection with foreign affairs, as compared to 2012 nominee Mitt Romney, the successful businessman and former Massachusetts governor.

“I just think people are going to see [Walker] onstage, see questions about…trade with China, what are you going to do with Russia, and think ‘damn, I wish that were Romney up there’… Romney was the best we ever had … an incredibly smart man.”

Coulter used to be a big fan of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and still is, to some extent, but “he’s bad on amnesty,” she declared.

First elected governor in 2010, Scott Walker won his third election in four years on the job in November 2014 in the blue state of Wisconsin. After enacting the collective bargaining reform law known as Act 10, public sector unions mounted a failed recall election in 2012 against him. Recalls of other Republican state legislators were only temporarily successful, as both houses of the Wisconsin state legislature are back under GOP control. An effort to dislodge a perceived Scott Walker ally from the Wisconsin Supreme Court also went down to defeat.

The soft-spoken Walker is the only governor in American history to survive a recall and appears to be the only candidate or presumed candidate for president without a college degree (as a young man, he dropped out of Marquette University to take a job with the American Red Cross). Walker recently signed a bill making Wisconsin a right-to-work state.

In Coulter’s Good Day LA television interview, the super-thin contrarian also weighed in, as it were, about anorexia, and dismissed criticism of skinny fashion models who many believe are setting a poor example for America’s women.

“What drives anorexia isn’t women trying to be attractive. Weirdly enough, contrary to what most people think, it’s often women… trying to be unattractive to men because of often abuse…It’s like the reverse of purposefully making yourself heavy…You’re not trying to be glamorous. You’re trying to make yourself look like a young boy and not have sexual characteristics that are attractive to men.”

The right-wing gadfly, who has a new book coming out in June, admitted that a former boyfriend who thought she was too thin prompted her to make an appointment with a physician to get checked out. The doctor pronounced her not anorexic, Coulter noted. “Anorexia is a real disease…[but] some people are just thin. Leave us alone.”

What is your opinion of Ann Coulter’s views on the 2016 Republican field and/or the underlying causes of anorexia?

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