Crocodiles Eat Human: Stunned Tourists Watch In Horror As Predator Eats Man

British tourists visiting Zimbabwe never imagined they would witness crocodiles eat a human being while they visited the African nation and could only watch in horror.

Even though the body is believed to be that of a suspected poacher — someone who hunts and kills animals illegally — whose group was ambushed by Zimbabwean rangers in prior days, it is no less shocking to have seen such horrendous incident.

According to the South African Press Association, the poachers were involved in a shootout with rangers and the man that was eaten by the crocodiles was probably dead when he was captured by the predator. Trevor Lane of Zimbabwean conservation group, the Bhejane Trust, was part of a group of 13 poachers that were trapped by rangers, the Daily Mail reports.

The stunned British tourists and their guide were taking a sunset cruise between Zimbabwe and Zambia when they noticed crocodiles feeding on something. Once they got close to the animals, they noticed it was a man.

“All there was to see of him was his trousers,” a local source who did not wish to be identified said of the horrific scene. The Telegraph says the tourists reported the incident to authorities.

This is not the first time an incident such as this has happened in that part of Africa, where the reptiles strive. Last month a 3-year-old girl was reportedly killed when she was eaten by a giant crocodile in the area, as reported by the Inquisitr.

The girl became the third member of her family to die such a horrific death when she was snatched as she played by the same river the tourists were traveling in, the Zambezi River in Hwange, northern Zimbabwe, on 22 February.

A relative told News 24 that she looked away for one moment and the child, named Luba,was gone.

“I was doing something some few meters from the river when I heard screams before I lifted up my eyes and saw a big crocodile snatching Luba from the banks, where they were bathing.”

“I froze for a moment as my mind could not comprehend what I had seen, but then I recovered and rushed to Mawili, who seemed frozen to the spot.”

Crocodile attacks are not uncommon in Africa and several incidents involving young victims have brought attention to the growing problem.

While we are somewhat used to seeing crocodiles eat other prey, we are not accustomed to watching them eating humans and for these tourists it is a sight they won’t soon forget.

[Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images]