Silent Film ‘The Artist’ Sweeps Bafta With Seven Awards, Wins Best Screenplay

While most of the entertainment industry was tuned into the Grammy’s on Sunday night the Bafta movie awards were being handed out in London and the big winner of the night was the black-and-white film The Artist.

Among the films big wins were grabs for Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Actor for French star Jean Dujardin.

In celebrating his silent films win for best screenplay filmmaker Michel Hazanavicius said:

“Some people thought there was no script because there was no dialog, so the British are very clever.”

In a funny moment American actress Meryl Streep managed to pick up the Best Actress award for her turn as Margaret Thatcher in the movie The Iron Lady. Once she made it to the stage Streep said of her walk to receive her award “That couldn’t have gone worse.” She then said the point of her film was to “locate something real, maybe hidden, but truthful in the life of someone we’ve all decided we know everything about already.”

In celebrating his 3-D film Hugo Martin Scorcese took home Bafta awards for production and design.

Did any of Sunday nights Bafta award winners surprise you, perhaps the best screenplay nod?