New York Yankees Rumors: Jacoby Ellsbury Injury A Concern For Yankees?

New York Yankees rumors again address a Jacoby Ellsbury injury. Past Yankees rumors have addressed whether Ellsbury can bounce back from a rough 2014 MLB season, but now the team is dealing with injury concerns instead. Manager Joe Girardi reportedly didn’t even relay the correct information according to a report from Wallace Matthews at ESPN.

“Joe Girardi used the word “little,” followed by four ‘milds’ to describe the injury that is keeping Jacoby Ellsbury out of the Yankees lineup Tuesday night. He also described it as a ‘quad injury,’ information that turned out to be incorrect.”

Later Girardi would state that the Jacoby Ellsbury injury was a strain of the rectus adsominus (a muscle in the right side of the lower abdomen) and that he would miss some time because of it. How much time is up for debate, but he certainly missed the Tuesday game (March 17) that the Yankees were playing against the Toronto Blue Jays. He also isn’t going with the team on a trip to play two games against the Atlanta Braves.

These New York Yankees rumors were certainly the fodder for jokes on social media, especially given his recent history of injuries. He was on the disabled list for a while with the Boston Red Sox and according to the New York Daily News spent four significant stints on the list. He had some bumps during his first season with the Yankees, but was able to play in 149 games.

In that first season with the Yankees, he posted a.271 batting average, 16 home runs, 70 RBIs, and 39 stolen bases. His numbers were down a bit from his prime years in Boston, but New York fans certainly saw glimpses of value in that huge new contract he signed. A heavy investment by the front office in New York means fans will see a lot of Ellsbury, no matter what his health status might become.

The reality of this latest Jacoby Ellsbury injury is that the Yankees and Joe Girardi will have to take it easy on him for the rest of Spring Training. It would be catastrophic if the team lost him, especially as it deals with several other roster issues (like the situation with Alex Rodriguez). There are still other New York Yankees rumors out there about the team possibly looking to acquire more pitching, but the situation surrounding this latest Ellsbury issue is at a higher level of importance. So far this spring he had been 6-for-27 at the plate (.222 average), with one extra base hit and no steals.

[Image Source: Alex Goodlett/Getty Images]