Billion Dollar Chicken Shop Lifts The Lid On ‘Wretched’ KFC Chicken Farms: ‘These Birds Have No Meaningful Life’

An explosive documentary which lifts the lid on the “oppressive” conditions inside the UK’s 1,000 farms which supply KFC with 23 million chickens a year has been hijacked by animal rights campaigners. This was done to highlight the “wretched existence” these chickens, marked for slaughter by Colonel Sanders, endure.

The “impartial” documentary which is due to be aired on BBC1 and called The Billion Dollar Chicken Shop, explains that every minute, KFC sells a staggering 40 pieces of chicken. Prior to slaughter and being chopped into nine pieces and packaged for KFC branches nationwide, the chickens live for just 35 days in huge sheds which house tens of thousands of fowl, living jowl by jowl in claustrophobic conditions.

Cameras have never been allowed inside the KFC farms before and although the chickens are shown living amid their excrement in conditions which have been branded “oppressive” by activists, one head farmer, who has 35 years experience, begs to differ, and explains that the birds have “a very good life” and are the picture of health.

“As you can see, they’ve got beautifully clean feet and that is a good sign that these birds are healthy and they’ve been grown on good litter. You can see this is a good, healthy chicken. I can’t think there’s anything better than being sat in a chicken farm looking at chickens. You can see for yourself, they look absolutely fantastic.”


The Daily Mail reports that the KFC farmer, in charge of a farm which houses 34,000 chickens in a shed with few windows, has no concerns that the chickens are only on the planet for a month before being gassed, chopped up, and sealed in plastic.

“They probably have a short life but they have a very good life. I wouldn’t mind being a chicken in here. They have nothing to do but eat and drink until they reach the required weight.”

However, director of Animal Aid, Andrew Tyler believes life for chickens in these KFC farms is no life at all, and there’s nothing finger-licking good about it at all.

“These birds have no meaningful life. They endure a wretched existence in giant windowless sheds stinking with ammonia. A very large number die from starvation or dehydration. Millions of these birds, just like the ones KFC is commissioning to be produced die in sheds wretchedly and painfully every year. These birds are deprived of everything that makes life worth living. The next step after this is to be grabbed by their frail legs, and shoved in crates and taken off to slaughter. A great number suffer broken bones during this process.”


A spokesperson for KFC has stressed that animal welfare is paramount to their business.

“Animal welfare is essential for high quality food and is important to our customers, and all of KFC’s suppliers meet or exceed UK and EU welfare requirements. KFC was the first quick-service restaurant to gain Red Tractor certification and we have in place our own robust standard, which is independently audited by third parties.”

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