WWE News: Vince McMahon Reportedly Upset With Announcer On WWE ‘RAW’?

Last night on Monday Night RAW, the WWE pulled out all of the stops with under two weeks before WrestleMania. Just one week after Randy Orton turned on Seth Rollins, Rollins tricked Orton into thinking the Authority would leave Rollins’ grasp. However, Orton was about to be cornered last night in the ring, until Sting showed up to help clear out the Authority. Sting’s appearance also boosted the ratings.

WWE RAW also showcased a great Divas match between AJ Lee and Nikki Bella, Divas champion. Brie Bella and Paige got involved, which caused Nikki to get the upper-hand. On top of advancing the storyline with the Intercontinental championship, the pre-taped interview with Brock Lesnar, along with the live promo with Brock Lesnar, is selling the main event tenfold.

However, there was one part of Monday Night RAW that Vince McMahon didn’t particularly care for. According to Daily Wrestling News, Vince McMahon became upset last night on RAW after an announcer told the WWE fans a wrong time.

“Michael Cole botching the WrestleMania 31 start times early on last night’s WWE RAW was apparently a big deal backstage among Vince McMahon and likely Kevin Dunn. Apparently Vince gave Cole a ‘hard time’ in his headset and it sounded like he told JBL to join in.”

After the incident, like the report noted, JBL continued to bury Cole on commentary throughout the night. It was very easy to tell that Cole was getting reprimanded in some fashion after he said WrestleMania was starting at 8 p.m., instead of 7 p.m. WrestleMania, over the past several years, has always been a four-hour production.

As an anchor and play-by-play announcer, it is common to make a small mistake during the broadcast. Like a professional, Cole corrected himself in perfect fashion. Since it is professional wrestling, there’s room to bust each other’s chops until the night is over. Clearly, JBL took advantage of that fact. As well JBL should’ve, because he is billed as the heel commentator.

Even though Michael Cole gets harassed on social media on a consistent basis, he displays the necessities a great wrestling announcer has each week. The only reason he may focus on the storyline, rather than the match, is due to the producers in his ear, or in pre-show meetings, telling him to. Cole’s been with the WWE since 1997. Before the WWE, Cole was a journalist with CBS Radio.

It won’t be the first time Vince McMahon reprimands Michael Cole for a mistake on commentary. That’s just how the WWE works behind the scenes. Granted, it doesn’t happen all the time. It seems like Cole will be much more aware from now on.

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