WWE News: Sting Shows Up On ‘Raw’ And Takes Out The Authority — Sting Finally Speaks

With two weeks to go until WrestleMania 31, The Authority are looking to continue having control of everything, but they lost some of that last week. On the last Monday Night Raw, Randy Orton turned on them, and they went to retaliate this week. Obviously, Orton was outnumbered, but he got some help when the “Vigilante” known as Sting showed up.

In the main event of Raw, Randy Orton took on Seth Rollins in what will likely end up being a rematch at WrestleMania. That is due in large part to the fact that the match never ended up happening on Monday night, per the WWE recap.

Rollins came out and said that it took Orton three weeks to make The Authority look foolish, but he was able to do it to Orton in just three hours. Orton stands in the ring with a chair and prepares as a fully united Authority comes at him.

Triple H makes fun of Orton from the outside and leads the entire group into the ring. That is when the lights go out and it happens.

The fans freaked out. Randy Orton’s face was indeed priceless.

The Authority freaked out too. Sting stood united with Orton, but the icon held a bat in his hands. The new allies begin destroying The Authority as they try to overpower them. Orton used the chair over and over. Sting took his iconic bat and cleaned house. The fans were going crazy as Sting cleared the ring of Seth Rollins, Big Show, and Kane.

Sting then had J&J Security in the corner and delivered a huge Stinger Splash to both of them. Sting then grabbed Jamie Noble, pointed at Triple H outside the ring, and delivered a Scorpion Death Drop.

As Orton stalked Joey Mercury, Sting stood guard and then pointed at Triple H with the bat as the show ended.

Once the show went off the air, Sting and Orton were interviewed for all to see.

The interview took place on WWE Network, and it was brief, but it was the very first time that Sting had given a promo in WWE. He said he had waited 14 long years to step into a WWE ring and it felt great to do it. Someone needs to take Triple H down, and Sting said he’s going to be the man to do it.

With that save of Randy Orton by Sting, The Authority is sitting back on their heels as WrestleMania 31 approaches. Now, there is a lot more heat and excitement for the big match between Triple H and Sting, and that’s just what was needed.

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