Philadelphia Police Officers Lift Car Blocking Robert Wilson III Funeral Procession

Philadelphia police officers lifted a car blocking the funeral procession of fellow Philly cop Robert Wilson III. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Wilson was shot and killed by a robber while he was waiting in line to buy a video game for his son.

The Robert Wilson III funeral procession had not ventured very far before it was discovered that a parked car was blocking the path of the multitude of mourners who has assembled to show their respect for the hero Philly cop. A quick search for the owner yielded no positive results and the estimate arrival time for a tow truck was just quite simply, too long of a delay. So, more than one dozen Philadelphia police officers banded together, knelt down, and used all their strength to lift and move the car so their friend could be laid to rest.

“We just moved the car,” Springfield Township Corporal Shawn Hart humbly stated during an interview with NBC Philadelphia. “I just asked some guys in line for a hand. They came over and we moved it to to the side. The procession was able to get past and that was it. After the procession came by [the car’s owner] jumped in his car and moved it out of the way before the hearse came down.”

philadelphia cop funeral
Robert Wilson III.

When asked for a specific number of Philly cops involved in moving the car so the Robert Wilson III funeral procession could move forward, Hart said that no one was exactly sure how many officers were involved or from which police departments they came. “There were so many. They just came over, grabbed a piece of the car and they moved it. I don’t even know where they were from,” Corporal Hart added.

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