Father Found Not Guilty After Seven Months In Jail For Attacking Welfare Worker, Turns Out She Attacked Him

A father from Georgia, John Blue, spent seven months in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Blue was charged with attacking a Division of Family and Children’s Services worker when she came to investigate the family. Blue has lost his job, his apartment and many of his belongings after being jailed for seven months and unable to pay his bills. Blue claims that his life was destroyed because of a lie told by the DFCS worker and he wants her to stand trial for her crimes.

WSBTV reports that John Blue was arrested after an altercation with a DFCS employee. The state welfare employee claimed that Blue rammed her car with his van while she attempted to investigate the family. After ramming her car, the worker says that Blue fled the scene with his children which resulted in a Levi’s Call being issued. Police later picked up Blue and arrested him for aggravated assault.

The original news report by WSBTV notes that the DFCS employee came to Blue’s condo to take his children into state custody.

“Police said a DFCS worker went to Blue’s condo Thursday morning to serve a court order taking the two boys into state custody. When Blue saw her, police said he loaded the boys into his minivan. According to police, the DFCS worker attempted to block him in, but he rammed her car several times before driving away. That incident prompted a statewide Levi’s Call.”

However, Blue says that account is not at all accurate. He says he did not attack the DFCS employee, but rather she attacked him. Blue’s girlfriend and children corroborate his story and say the state worker rammed Blue’s van, not vice versa. Blue says his sons didn’t understand why he was in jail for something he didn’t do.

“My baby said, ‘Daddy we have told all these people the truth why are you still in jail?’ The one thing I teach my sons is if you are telling the truth you don’t have to worry or care about nothing else, as long as you are telling the truth there is nothing bad that can happen to you.”

It seems that the courts agree with Blue as it took less than 45 minutes for a jury to clear Blue of all charges and find him not guilty in the aggravated assault case.

Despite the not guilty findings, Blue’s life has been ruined. He says that he lost his job, his home and his belongings because of this state worker’s lie. Now he hopes that the welfare worker will stand trial for her crimes, just as he did.

“She crashed my car. She rammed my car. I sat in jail for seven months because someone lied on me. If I was charged with aggravated assault and didn’t do anything, let her stand before the same people.”

Do you think the DFCS worker should stand trial for aggravated assault for allegedly ramming Blue’s van? Should Blue receive restitution now that he has been cleared by the judicial system of all charges?

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