Andrew Scott Martin: Call Him ‘Doctor Sex Party!’ Surgeon, Wife Hosted Drug-Fueled Orgies, Cops Say

Andrew Scott Martin, an otherwise respected orthopedic surgeon in Las Vegas, now faces drug charges in connection with an alleged sex party operation he ran with his wife, hosting hundreds of people at his $3 million Henderson, Nevada, home as well as at the Trump Hotel in Vegas, for massive “swinger” orgies, police say.

The charges against Martin, 47, and his wife Jennifer, are not related to the sexual activity at the parties — one of which was modeled on the 1999 Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut, according to undercover cops who infiltrated the affair — but instead, the large amounts of illegal drugs that police say were provided to guests at the parties.

Last September, Martin’s license to practice medicine was suspended after police executed a search warrant at the Martin home and found significant amounts of cocaine, marijuana, “magic” mushrooms and MDMA — a drug known as “Ecstasy” or “Molly,” and is popular for its effect of producing an intense euphoria that leads to a lowering of inhibitions.

The Nevada Medical Board suspended Martin, saying that he personally used the drugs. But the doctor was reinstated in December of last year, under the condition that he submit to strict drug testing and enter a substance abuse rehabilitation program.

But now Martin’s license may be the least of his worries, as he faces a lengthy prison term if convicted on the 10 drug charges he is now facing, The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported last week. Because even as he completed a rehab program at the Betty Ford Institute, what Martin didn’t know was that he had already been the target of an undercover police investigation for months.

Undercover officer Cynthia Hurtado testified to a grand jury that she and a male officer, posing as a married couple, attended one of Martin’s parties at which she was offered MDMA. But even though the officers were forced to make an excuse and leave when the party ventured into sexual territory, Martin invited them to another party in January 2014.

“Dr. Scott, he was very friendly with us,” said Hurtado in her testimony. “It was a swingers lifestyle party, which means people, couples had intercourse with each other.”

At one point in the January 2014 Eyes Wide Shut party, Martin offered Hurtado ecstasy, telling her, “I will get you loose once I have sex with you later,” the cop told the grand jury.

The wife of Andrew Scott Martin has already pled guilty to a single drug possession charge and paid a $1,000 fine, but the doctor’s charges are more serious and include trafficking allegations for allegedly providing drugs at a sex party. Martin has a trial date set for later this year.

[Images: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department]

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