Imagine Dragons Talks Criminal Past Ahead Of Australian Tour

Imagine Dragons‘ albums are all about struggles, with the first rising to the top of their game and the second about struggles in their lives. The band members are certainly not strangers to struggles and tribulations. Recently they opened up about the criminal past ahead of the start of their Australian tour.

Dan Reynolds, lead singer of Imagine Dragons, told the story of when he had to get his bassist released from prison. Ben McKee still has not shared exactly what happened, but did say that it involved nudity and “poor decisions,” according to the Daily Mail.

“There was nudity, not in a creepy way but in the running around and climbing in a nude fashion, it was pretty rock `n roll.”

It was only because of “Radioactive” from the band’s first album Night Visions going on to win them a Grammy that McKee got out of jail in time for a live performance. Reynolds explained he had to bribe the detention center super sheriff with a signed CD to get his band member out in time. Imagine Dragons’ manager was quickly learning the songs to perform just in case. McKee admitted they all have 15 minutes to pull it off to open for Temper Trap.

It seems the band members have learned the lessons the hard way. After taking home the Best Rock performance Grammy, they went on to sell more than 24 million singles and four million albums worldwide. They just recently released their second album Smoke + Mirrors, taking the top spot in the album charts for the first time.

The band is now getting ready for its Australian tour later this year. The Sydney Morning Herald says that the band will perform at an invitation-only event on Tuesday, but will return for official tour dates from September 2.

Reynolds explained that he enjoys getting on time, and is looking forward to have time to plan it this time. It was not something they had the luxury off after the explosion of Night Visions.

The Australian tour will spill into New Zealand, offering Imagine Dragons fans the first chance to see the band in Christchurch. The show will take place on September 10, and is the last date of the tour. This is not the first time fans will get to see them in New Zealand, though. The band performed at sell-out arenas in both countries in 2013, along with performing at concerts, festivals and arenas around the world.

Despite a questionable beginning, it looks like the four-piece band has learned from mistakes. The Imagine Dragons members are working on the right side of the law, and hopefully there will be no more last minute releases from jail disrupting the Australian tour.

[Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]