March Madness: How To Watch The NCAA Tournament Without Cable

March Madness is here and these days, there are more ways than ever to watch the NCAA basketball tournament. That doesn’t just mean that more channels than ever before are covering March Madness. That means that you can watch the tournament from the comfort of your couch, your office, or even on the bus.

The Internet has been a valuable tool for those who don’t have the time or convenience of watching the games from home. For a couple of years now, the March Madness application has allowed NCAA Tournament fans to watch all the games on their computer, their smartphone, or their tablet. CBS is streaming all the games for free through this March Madness app, but what if you happen to want to watch a game on one of the other networks?

Putting in your cable provider’s account will get you to those March Madness games as well, but that only works if you do indeed have a cable account. With the rise in cord cutters, it would seem there would be an equal rise in the number of people who simply don’t have a way to watch some of the best games of the NCAA Tournament. Enter Sling TV, which could become a player on the world stage thanks to its offering during this March Madness period.

The first thing to know about Sling TV, as CNet points out is that the service costs just $20 per month,which is significantly less than you are going to pay for almost any other cable service and offers access to TBS, TNT, ESPN, Food Network, AMC, and more channels. This means that if you pair the streaming video service being offered by Dish, you will only miss the handful of March Madness games that are on TruTV.

As Time points out, you can sort of game the NCAA Tournament system and actually watch quite a few of the games for free. Or you can watch the games that are the most important for no charge as long as you’re careful. Sling TV has a sign-up bonus where users can try out the service for seven days, absolutely free. This means that if users were to sign up this week, they would be able to watch most of Thursday through Sunday’s games completely free of charge on most digital platforms. Using something like Chromecast would allow them to watch games on television without needing cable. Of course, some people might want to wait to take advantage of this little March Madness trick until later in the tournament if they want to see the bigger matchups.