Picture A Day Project Captures Results of Bar Fight [Video]

“Everyday” is an app for the iPhone that makes it easy for people to take a picture of themselves everyday. The app is typically used to track slow changes as a person ages, grows their hair out, or loses weight. Alan started using the app to simply capture a photo of himself everyday, and then he got into a bar fight.

William Wilkinson, the creator of the App, describes “Everday” by saying:

“Take a picture of yourself. Every day. Set reminders. Get into the habit. The more pictures you have, the better your Everyday app will be. Make a movie. You’d be surprised how great the effect of a time lapse video of your face can be. Watch yourself change, just like a real person.”

The first 8 seconds of the video show Alan in various outfits and in various locations. The video is just like thousands of others that were created with the “Everyday” app. But then at the nine second mark, Alan is shown with a black eye and a deep cut across his face.

The rest of the video shows his face as he slowly recovers from the bar fight.

Alan describe the video on Youtube:

“Man takes photo of his face everyday then suffers an assault with a glass. Following plastic surgey, the video tracks the progression of his healing… With regard to the assault, it was unprovoked. Case of mistaken identity.”

Here’s the video. (Caution: The video is a little graphic around the 9 second mark.)

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