2NE1’s Blackjacks Are Nothing Short Of ‘Ride Or Die’

2NE1’s Blackjacks stand loud and proud for their group. This fan club might just be more devout than the notorious Raider Nation, the Oakland Raiders’ fans.

From these fans, 2NE1 has plenty of protection and respect. And interestingly enough, someone who doesn’t listen to the group’s music wouldn’t know about Blackjacks.

2NE1's Blackjacks Are Definitely 'Ride Or Die' Fans III
Credits: Twitter

You know how you see a movie scene, and there’s a person an unsuspecting individual starts to bully? Then, all of a sudden and out-of-nowhere, people start surrounding the bully in vast numbers? Yeah, that’s 2NE1’s Blackjack crew.

Though these fans are supporters, their devotion doesn’t just stop there. Blackjacks think of themselves as family, whether close or distant. How many family members are “ride or die” for one another, 2NE1’s fan base is the same.

Don’t believe it? There are countless cases where fan club members have lit into someone who was talking foul about the group. With this group, it’s not tolerated.

2NE1's Blackjacks Are Definitely 'Ride Or Die' Fans II
Credits: Twitter

In addition, Blackjacks refer to members of 2NE1 by various names. One in particular sticks out most and is a common name for the lead vocalist, CL (Chaelin Lee). On many cases, it can be observed that she is called “Queen.” Though it sounds hierarchical, it isn’t. Among Blackjacks, Dara (Sandara Park), Minzy (Minji Gong) and Bom (Bom Park) have their own equally special names as well.

With this group of fans, 2NE1 isn’t about competition and “who’s better than who.” All four women are loved, protected and respected just as well as the other. After finishing the article, read the Blackjack comments from the following 2NE1 Twitter updates. You’ll see that they all receive ample support.

As can be seen, Blackjacks go the extra mile. And best believe that 2NE1 appreciates their fan base. When artists have “ride or die” supporters like this, it’s empowering, and they’re encouraged with each “we love you” received. Do you think the same about it?

With that said, are you among 2NE1’s faithful Blackjacks? Are you one of those seen protecting their reputations when others try to bash them?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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