UFO Sighting Caught By A 4K Video DJI Inspire Drone, UFO Video Maker Asks ‘Alien Spacecraft’?

After a UFO sighting was caught on camera by an unmanned DJI Inspire 1 drone, the maker of the UFO video has been able to analyze the UFO video much closer than usual since it’s in 4K video resolution. The owner of the UFO video is not sure he’s looking at a fast-moving alien spacecraft, but he has been asking others to take a look and see what they think for themselves.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, one wacky conspiracy theory by UFOlogists claims the Earth’s moon is an alien UFO spaceship parked in orbit. A UFO video was accidentally recorded on live TV during an Oklahoma City newscast.

The user, Darmino, says he was using his DJI Inspire 1 drone about 80 meters above California’s Silicon Valley when a small white object is shown streaking across the speed at speeds only a supersonic jet could hope to match. Darmino is not 100 percent certain he’s had a UFO sighting, but he’s open to other interpretations.

“I have no idea what this is, maybe a bug, hummingbird, reflection or alien space craft! The only thing I know for sure is that I did nothing that would cause this,” Darmino wrote on the DJI forum. “You can analyse it better if you download the video in 4K and go frame by frame. Any other ideas of what it might be?”

Since this UFO video is in 4K resolution, you would think we would be able to get a good look at the supposed alien spacecraft, but as one reddit user sarcastically commented, that’s simply not the case.

“I am reminded of what someone said once about the two types of sasquatch videos that exist. Up close and blurry or far away and HD. When I saw 4K in the title I knew before I clicked that it would be far away. In this case very far away and extremely fast.”

How fast? Estimates guess the UFO would supposedly be moving at least the speed of sound.

“Definitely not a bullet. That is either a military jet travelling low and at great speed or a UFO! My bet is the former at the moment. Difficult to work out the speed but it looks to have travelled about 1 mile in about 3-4 seconds – that’s 900 miles an hour! Mach 1 = 768mph. Concorde travelled at 1,354mph – so it is possible.”

UFO believers point out that if it was a military jet, there should be a sonic boom in the video. Some have speculated that the UFO sighting may instead be simply someone taking a potshot with a bullet that missed. Others claim a camera reflection or perhaps some sort of odd electrical phenomena.

While there is plenty of disagreement on the internet, one thing is for certain is that the makers of the DJI Inspire Drone are definitely benefiting from all the publicity. After all, how often is a UFO caught on 4K video? Every video posted clearly listed the 4K video capable drone in either the title or the description, which leads some to suspect the UFO sighting is simply CGI created as a marketing stunt.

What do you think about the supposed UFO video?

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