Jill Duggar Dillard Baby Bump Update: ’19 Kids’ Star Passes 38-Week Mark In Pregnancy

Jill Duggar Dillard and Derick Dillard are nearly at the finish line of their first pregnancy. The 19 Kids and Counting stars have been sharing updates along the way, and the latest has fans itching for baby arrival news. Jill and Derick seem all set for “Baby Dilly’s” birth, and it looks like he could arrive at any moment.

Throughout their pregnancy, Jill and Derick have often shared weekly baby bump photos. The official Duggar family Facebook page just posted the latest, and once again, Jill is all smiles. Jill is in her usual pose, standing sideways so the camera can capture her baby bump. She’s holding her chalkboard noting her pregnancy progress, and this one indicates that she’s 38 weeks and five days into her pregnancy.

Despite being just a week or two away from giving birth, Jill, Derick, and the rest of the 19 Kids crew headed to Texas for a week of vacationing. The family blog shares that Jim Bob, Michelle, and the full family joined in on the fun of bonding, fishing, boating, games, and other outdoorsy activities.

Jill and Derick were on the family trip, as were Jessa and Ben Seewald. Josh and Anna and their kids made the trip too, and the blog shows a lot of snapshots of the gathering. Jill Dillard’s baby bump is prominently featured in several shots, as she and Derick fished and took in some serious family bonding time.

Derick is seen in a couple of the shots wearing a T-shirt that says, “This guy is going to be a daddy,” and he’s clearly ready and proud. It’s been a busy nine months of preparations, but Jill and Derick have indicated that they’re all set to welcome their baby boy.

The Dillards have shared that they are planning a home birth, with Jill’s sister Jana working with the midwife team and other family members prepared to help as needed. Though Jill and Derick haven’t revealed their baby name plans yet, they’ve previously said that they likely will turn toward family names for inspiration. The couple has said, though, that as they build their family, they don’t plan to use all names with the same initial like Jim Bob and Michelle, as well as Josh and Anna, have done.

19 Kids and Counting fans may well get one more Jill Duggar Dillard baby bump picture before “Baby Dilly” arrives, but the time is definitely almost here. When will their baby arrive and what will Jill and Derick name him?

[Photo via Duggar Family Facebook page]