Zebra Attacks Man: White County Man Hospitalized After Pet Zebra Turns On Him

A zebra attacks a man in White County, Arkansas, leaving police without many options because the animal is the man’s pet. There have not been any charges filed, and the animal has not been taken away from its home. According to THV 11, the man has been transferred to UAMS for additional treatment, and he is currently listed in serious condition.

“According to Cpl. Steve Hernandez, deputies with the White County Sheriff’s Office were called in reference to a man being attacked by his own zebra. Cpl. Hernandez said because the man owned the zebra, there isn’t much authorities can do at this point.”

Hearing that a zebra attacked a man isn’t something that is common, but learning that the man kept the zebra as a pet has been shocking to even more people. Sadly, animals of all different kinds can turn on their owners, and it’s not just “wild” animals either. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a pit bull attacked and killed his owner in Indiana on Christmas Day 2014. The man who was attacked died after he lost “massive amounts” of blood from the dog bite wounds he suffered.

“Bianca Rodriguez said she returned home about 5 p.m. EDT on Christmas Day, and found her lover unresponsive on the living room floor of their residence. He was covered in blood and had numerous wounds about his body. One of the pet dogs was nearby, and had blood stains around his mouth.”

Interestingly enough, zebras aren’t known to be aggressive animals. According to Animal Questions, the zebra is a cross between a horse and a donkey, and is usually quite shy. However, like most animals, a zebra can be aggressive if he or she is provoked.

“The stallion, male zebra, who is keeping watch will go on the offensive and attack any predator that gets close enough. This gives the rest of the herd a chance to get away. Female zebras, mares, with become extremely aggressive if they feel like their offspring are threatened. They will kick violently at any perceived threat. This kick has the potential to seriously harm or even kill predators such as lions or wild dogs.”

The man who was attacked by a zebra could have caused a stir or done something that his pet didn’t appreciate which likely caused it to react in such a way. If the man was kicked violently, as is characteristic in a zebra attack, you can probably imagine just how bad his injuries are.

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