Cynthia Bailey Responds To Phaedra Parks And Porsha Williams Implying She And Peter Thomas Have Cheated

After Cynthia Bailey brought up Apollo Nida’s accusation that Phaedra Parks was cheating on him with a “Mr. Chocolate” on a previous episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sunday night’s episode showed Phaedra turning the tables a bit. In a scene with Porsha Williams, Phaedra said that she has dirt on both Cynthia and Peter. Porsha added that she knows Peter’s dirt as well, but figured that when the woman already knows, what’s the point of spreading it. The clear implication is that Peter, and perhaps Cynthia as well, has not been faithful.

When asked for her reaction to Phaedra and Porsha saying that they have dirt on her, Cynthia replied in her latest blog post that she seems to be Phaedra and Porsha’s favorite topic of conversation.

“At this point I am never surprised to see these two ladies gossiping and speaking negatively about me. Lately I seem to be their favorite topic of conversation.”

While Cynthia didn’t get into Phaedra and Porsha’s implied accusation, her husband was much more vocal. As the episode aired, Peter Thomas posted a tweet that pretty much denied ever cheating on Cynthia and made clear his opinion that Phaedra and Porsha are just making things up to deflect from their own problems. He pointed out that Phaedra and Porsha are not the people to talk about marriages.

“The s**t these women makeup to deflect WTF is happening in their lives is funny as hell. My marriage is solid. Can’t say the same for them.”

Cynthia Bailey isn’t the only one who has a problem with Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kandi Burruss has made it very clear that she’s irritated by Porsha, as well as NeNe Leakes, questioning her friendship and loyalty to Phaedra. Kandi is also mad that Phaedra talked to Porsha and NeNe about how she feels about their friendship first instead of to her directly.

In her latest blog post for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi Burruss admitted that she’s not sure whether her issues with Phaedra Parks are resolved.

“I don’t know if they’re resolved or not. Obviously she doesn’t tell me when there is a problem. I guess only NeNe or Porsha knows. Or I’ll find out while watching the show. I just find it so crazy that she was confiding in them about how I’m not a good friend… Had the shoe been on the other foot, I would never have discussed our friendship with them before talking to her about it.”

[Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images]