White And Gold Version Of ‘The Dress’ Sells For $2,000 For Charity

The dress that took the internet by storm for its ambiguous color scheme has long been proven to be black and blue, despite the vast majority of people thinking it was white and gold. But that hasn’t kept people from re-imagining the infamous dress in the white and gold colors many saw. While one Salvation Army billboard used the dress to prove a point about domestic abuse, the dressmaker Roman Originals redesigned the outfit as white and gold and actually manufactured the thing. But Roman Originals wasn’t simply creating a new color for the clothing, they auctioned the new dress off to charity.

According to the New York Daily News, the one-of-a-kind edition was sold by the dressmaker on Sunday for $2,000. It was purchased by a Czech businessman by the name of Tomas Petru, who won the bid for the dress and gave it to his wife. She will have to fly to the studio in Birmingham to be specially fitted for it.

According to the Daily Record, Petru outbid 52 others who also wanted the white and gold garment.

There won’t be any more of the dress in white and gold, at least not manufactured by Roman Originals. While many of their customers asked them to produce an entire line of the white and gold version, they decided to make a special edition outfit to be sold for charity. The creative director of the new design was Ian Johnson, who explained the intentions behind the project.

“We always knew we wanted to make a special one off solely for charity,” he said.

All of the proceeds from the sale of the dress went to Comic Relief, a charity that aspires to reduce poverty around the world. Roman Originals matched the final auction price of the dress, bringing the grand total contribution to Comic Relief to $4,000.

While the special white and gold edition of the dress won’t be available again, people who are still interested in the internet phenomenon can purchase the original black and blue design from the retailer. But be warned, there’s no denying the colors of the real thing. It was only an issue of perception that caused the photo of the dress to look white and gold.

For more on the notorious dress, read about how some people are choosing to wear the dress around in public to see if anyone recognizes it. The reactions are pretty incredible.

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