Paula Deen Dishes 35-Pound Weight Loss ‘In Just Four Months, Y’All’ And Fries Up Free Video Game [Video]

Paula Deen new video game.

Paula Deen once was famous as the celebrity chef who added butter, sugar, and cheese to everything from appetizer artichokes to dessert souffles. But when she received a diagnosis of potentially life-threatening diabetes, Deen resolved to change her ways. Now she’s sharing how she achieved a 35-pound weight loss in just four months, reported the Atlantic Journal Constitution.

Deen visited the Dr. Oz Show to share her low-carb diet, which she says that she started as soon as she received the news of her condition.

“I went home to my kitchen and I threw out everything that was white: White bread, white rice, white potatoes, white pasta. I did that for four months, y’all! Just four months.”

In addition to tossing out the carbohydrates, Paula learned to make healthy swaps. She credits her son Bobby Deen for helping her.

“My son Bobby introduced me to yogurt. It’s got that same richness and consistency that you get from mayonnaise,” revealed Paula. “But a lot, lot better for you. You can switch it out with yogurt, anything that calls for that kind of creaminess.”

Now that she’s shed those 35 pounds, Deen is advocating moderation.

“The thing that I’m really trying to focus y’all is moderation. Moderation. Moderation. Eat a cookie, just don’t eat six of ’em!”

But it’s not just dieting that has kept Paula busy. She’s also concocted a new video game, reported GameSpot.

Deen even created a video to tempt fans with what awaits them if they decide to add it to their video menu.

So just what do you get with Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest? Paula provides the opportunity to combine various ingredients from her concoctions. Her own description tantalizes.

“Challenge yourself in 40 levels with 200 puzzles, cooking along with Paula in her studio kitchen and her famous restaurant, The Lady and Sons. Connect with friends to earn daily prizes and compete for top positions on leaderboards. Level through the adventure for prizes, including the chance to cook on Paula Deen’s Network! Everyone that completes the quest, will have the chance to travel to Savannah and appear on the Paula Deen Network – cooking right alongside her for millions of fans to see!”

The game is free from iTunes.

Although Deen is touting her new game and weight loss success, her life hasn’t been as sweet as Southern iced tea recently. As the Inquisitr reported, Deen paid a price when she was accused of making racist comments, losing endorsement deals and her cooking show.

What do you think, y’all? Can Paula Deen make a comeback? Post your comments below.

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