Crazy Woman Smokes On Plane, Says Hugo Chavez Is Her Great Hero (Videos)

Everyone alive knows you can’t smoke on a plane. But on a Saturday night flight from Nicaragua to Miami, a middle-aged woman who spoke English with no accent proceeded to light up a cigarette and take several puffs as astonished passengers videotaped her with their cellphones and called for help and flight attendants because of the smoking. The following video depicts the laissez-faire attitude of the woman as she proceeds to smoke and then put her cigarette out in what appears to be a water bottle. A fellow passenger is heard saying “Can we get some help? Can we get a flight attendant?” and after the flight attendant arrives, the woman blames the man next to her for lighting the cigarette.

From that point on, even though the offending cigarette is extinguished, things get even more bizarre, with the woman beginning to go on a political tirade. She claims she is “going to be arrested anyway” so she may as share her views on everything.

Her views include that the U.S. has declared War on Venezuela, something about Hugo Chavez being her great hero, the general evil existence of Exxon, and the assets of socialism. You can watch that below.

At one point, a fellow passenger tells her that she is a threat to the United States, in which she seems unfazed and calmly states she knows she is about to be arrested.

According to The Blaze, an unidentified commenter gave the following account of what transpired aboard the plane.

“Halfway through the flight from Nicaragua to Miami on 3/14, she began to unintelligibly talk to herself in Spanish. Eventually she began to yell and “protest” on the flight about the United State’s invasion of Venezuela, how the great Hugo Chavez was a friend to the USA, and how Obama kills people on Tuesdays. Eventually the flight attendants came over and gave her an ultimatum: Stop yelling like a psycho or the police will be waiting on the tarmac.”

“She took them up on this offer, and began screaming even more. While the plane was waiting on the tarmac for the police to arrive, she leans over to me and asks for a cigarette. She pulls one out of her bag and lights up. This is the point where I pull eject and run to the back of the cabin.”

“The police arrived after 20 minutes and escorted her off the plane.”

“She only had a single drink on the plane, (however, others told me she was pounding them back pretty hard in the terminal and she also was on prescription painkillers.)”

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