Woman Marries Pedophile She Met On Facebook, Doesn’t Discover His Disturbing Past Until After She’d Left Him With Her Children

Mel Alford thought she’d met the man of her dreams. In April 2012, she reportedly began conversing with Jonathon Alford via Facebook and it didn’t take long for their mutual attraction to blossom into a full-blown love affair. Of course, they ultimately decided to do what most people in love do – get married in hopes of growing old together. During a recent interview with Mirror Online, Mel shared details about how their online relationship evolved.

“He kept sending nice message so I agreed to go on a date with him. We ended up getting engaged in August and brought the wedding forward to November that year when I found out my dad was dying from cancer. We were together most of the time and the start of our marriage was really good. He was great with my kids and treated me like a queen.”

However, Mel’s love affair with Jonathon took a disturbing turn once they tied the knot and they moved in together. According to Mirror Online, Mel discovered the man she married was a pedophile. The mother of three reportedly made the shocking discovery when her husband’s case worker informed her he was out of jail on bail after after being charged for his involvement with an underage girl. He reportedly admitted to luring and “grooming” a young girl with the anticipation of having sex with her. However, that’s not all he was found guilty of. She also revealed details about his calculating deceit. Apparently, Jonathon’s Facebook account was fake. There were also a number of other shocking revelations Mel discovered during her husband’s court appearance.

“I had no idea what he was really like until a social worker visited me and told me he was on bail for sleeping with an underage girl. That girl had come to my children’s dad’s house and told him and he contacted social services. It turns out he had set up a fake account to send that message. Myself and the kids believed him so we just carried on. But he became so jealous after we got married and I could not answer the door in case it was a man and he would sleep outside in his car if we had a row. In September 2013 I kicked him out. But I didn’t know the allegations were true until I saw he was in court.”

A criminal investigation also led to the discovery of horrific images on his computer. The Exeter Express reports an overwhelming number of disturbing images displaying child abuse and bestiality. In July of 2014, the heinous crimes landed Jonathon behind bars for seven months. His specific charges have also been revealed. He reportedly admitted to “six counts of sexual activity with a child, seven of making or possessing indecent images of children, three of having extreme pornography and one of perverting the course of justice.”

As a result of the shocking betrayal, Mel has opted to become an advocate against child sex offenders. Her group, which is called “Exeter Paedos Named & Shame,” exposes pedophiles by name to raise awareness of the potential dangers when meeting a new love interest. Although local authorities have urged her to refrain from exposing pedophiles for her own safety, she refuses to. She’s also shared details about her decision to continue the group.

“You have no idea who is a pedophile. I was married to one and did not know. I initially set up the group for my local city of Exeter to show what JR is about. I wanted people to know what a sick and dirty man he was. It just really took off. I quickly had people posting me saying can you find this one and that one. I also get victims telling me when someone is going to court. I hear so many stories – many of them extremely heart-breaking. I just want people to be more aware of who they are dating and allowing to be around their children.”

“A lot of offenders use false names but they cannot hide from their pictures. I spent most days dedicated to the site and will continue as long as I need to. Police asked me to close it down last year after I had a death threat for my own protection. My response was what about protecting our children? I will do whatever I need to do. They are not on the database if they didn’t do anything wrong.”

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