Kim Kardashian’s Feline Companion, Kit Kardashian, Is Looking For A Home

You could say that Kit Kardashian is Kim Kardashian’s spirit animal or feline companion. This 9-year-old tabby cat got her new name because of her large bottom. The cat is currently looking for a new home, ITV News reports.

Kit Kardashian is a domestic short hair cat that was previously named Phoebe. She currently weighs in at 8.4 kg. or 18.52 pounds. That makes Kardashian twice the size of an average domestic feline. The cat quickly became known for her insanely large bottom that is reportedly 10 inches wide. That’s when employees at Blue Cross changed her name to Kit Kardashian, naming her after the 34-year-old reality star who’s also known for her large bottom.

Blue Cross says that Kardashian’s new owner will have to adhere to strict diet that helps her shed half of her body weight. She has been staying at the animal shelter since her owner passed away. Staff at Blue Cross named her Kit Kardashian after realizing that the cat closely resembles Kim Kardashian. The staff spoke about the cat’s polite and sweet demeanor.

“Despite looking like the star, she’s not got a celebrity personality. She’s very sweet and placid. She’s playful and would like to play more but currently she’s restricted by her weight. She’s such a lovely cat, I’m sure she’d make a new owner very happy.”

Kit Kardashian is also good at posing. The Daily Mail noted that the cat perfected Kim’s infamous “Break The Internet” nude photos. Kit herself posed with a coy look back over her shoulder.

Blue Cross is hoping that the cat will find a new home soon. Volunteer Belinda Smith has been taking good care of Kit Kardashian at her home in Cobham, Surrey.

“I have been looking after her for two weeks now. A lady from Blue Cross brought her over to my home and when she came out of her cage I said ‘Oh my goodness, she’s a big girl’. A colleague had already come up with the name ‘Kit Kardashian’ after Kim’s famous bottom – there is a striking resemblance. I have two other cats here but ‘Kit’ weighs 8.4kg – which is more than the other cats put together.”

“She was originally named Phoebe but everyone seems to prefer the name ‘Kit Kardashian.'”

Kit is also hoping that her newfound fame will help her land a new owner soon. Smith added that even though the feline “struggles” to walk and run, she has a “pretty face” that any person will love.

“I hope we are able to find her a home. She tries to run around but struggles. But she has got such a pretty face and is such a lovely cat, I’m sure she’d make a new owner very happy.”

Maybe Kim should adopt Kit Kardashian….Or maybe not. She owned a Persian teacup kitten named Mercy back in 2012. The cat died shortly after Kim had to give it away because she is actually allergic to cats.

If you live in the U.K. and would like to adopt Kit Kardashian, visit the Blue Cross website for more information.

[Images: Blue Cross, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

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