Yolanda Foster’s Daughter Accused Of Doing Cocaine In Video: Gigi Hadid Speaks Out

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster has been working on providing a strong foundation for her children, as they are growing up and moving out. While filming the show, Yolanda has supported both Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, as they graduated high school and moved out to attend college and work as models.

Of course, Yolanda Foster is concerned about the wellbeing of her children, who are living across the country. Even though Yolanda has done everything possible to give her children great support systems, Foster may still be concerned about her children doing well in an adult-driven industry.

According to a new Radar Online report, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster may not believe all stories about her children, including the recent story about Gigi Hadid supposedly doing drugs at a pool party. A video surfaced from Cody Simpson, showing Yolanda Foster’s daughter dancing and having a good time. In a brief moment, Gigi is seen with her face near a table top, which someone assumed was her doing drugs.

This video was filmed as Yolanda’s daughter was hosting the Victoria’s Secret Pink Spring Break in Miami alongside Cody, who is Gigi’s boyfriend. Clearly, she doesn’t look like she is doing anything except having fun. And such a harmful accusation could do damage to her career. Instead of letting the story slide, Gigi responded on Twitter.

“You are the pits of the world. It’s very sad that you need to go to those lengths for someone to maybe read your s–t blog,” Gigi Hadid wrote on Twitter to OceanUp, adding, “If u actually watch the video there is nothing on the counter.5 sec’s before you see that image…It’s not only impossible but insane to me.”

Of course, Foster’s daughter has always wanted to be a role model for other young girls, and she works hard to maintain some popular names on her resume, including Maybelline and Tom Ford.

“I take pride in being a good role model,” Gigi added, saying, “Would never touch that, & will not stand for or put up with a little piece of scum blog like OU.”

One can imagine that Yolanda Foster is more than supportive of her daughters and wouldn’t believe such a hurtful story. According to the Inquisitr, Foster’s other daughter Bella Hadid was arrested last summer for driving under the influence. Clearly, Yolanda is concerned about her kids making mistakes, but cocaine doesn’t sound like a mistake she should be concerned about.

How do you think Gigi Hadid handled the situation? Do you think Yolanda Foster will say something?

[Image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images]