Penis Shaped Neckline? Natarsha Belling’s ‘Phallic Jacket’ Is Latest Social Media Sensation

Australian news anchor Natarsha Belling’s green jacket is creating a buzz online after the shape of the jacket’s neckline was said to resemble a penis. Quickly dubbed the “phallic jacket,” the debate over Belling’s outfit could rival the “What color is this dress?” phenomenon that was a hot Twitter trend a few weeks ago.

Belling recently wore the green jacket with the cut-out neckline while reporting the news on Australia’s Network Ten. A screenshot from the newscast first made the rounds on Facebook after it was posted by Unilad Magazine with the caption, “Once you see it, you cannot unsee it.”

The Daily Mail reports that the original posting on Unilad received over 110,000 “likes” on Facebook, and was shared 6,000 times, with some people admitting they were confused as to what they were seeing, and others clearly seeing a penis-shaped neckline.

The fascination with Belling’s jacket has many people not seeing the phallic symbol until it’s pointed out. Thankfully, there isn’t a debate over what color it is, just plenty of discussion over the distinctive shape of her neckline.

According to the Mail, Facebook user Ruben Hayward shared the photo on his timeline and got a whopping 26,000 likes — more than the original posted of the “phallic jacket” received. Hayward asked his fans to “like” the photo is they came to look at the photo and “find out what it is.”

His post seemed to clear things up for those who weren’t sure what they were supposed to be looking for.

phallic neckline jacket

Comments ranged from “Yep, definitely cannot unsee this now” to “Thank you, you have enlightened me on this picture” to a comment that may say it all, “You gotta have one to find one.”

It doesn’t take much to spark a social media debate these days. From penis-shaped necklines to confusion over the color of a dress, trendy topics spread quickly on Facebook and Twitter with the simple click of a “share” or “retweet” button.

Last month, the blue/black or white/gold dress debate spread after a woman posted a photo of a dress on her Tumblr account, asking what color it was. It sparked arguments, laughter and much conversation once people realized that not everyone saw the same color when they looked at the dress.

Debbie Lord, a reporter for, states that the dress debate was “one of the most bizarre occurrences in modern internet history.”

“It divided families, it sparked conversations/arguments/color-blindness shaming and it led to more than 24 million people offering an opinion. Are you #TeamBlueBlack or #TeamWhiteGold?”

Clearly Natarsha Belling’s ‘phallic jacket’ is not quite as controversial as “the dress” — or it just has a lot of catching up to do on social media.

What do you see when you look at the news anchor’s jacket?


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