Robert Malley Appointed Adviser By President Obama

President Barack Obama has appointed Robert Malley as a special assistant to the president to advise him on the Middle East, North Africa, and Gulf region, JPUpdates has reported. Malley is currently a Senior Director for the National Security Council at the White House, where his focus is on Iran, Iraq, Syria and the Gulf counties.

“Malley worked for Obama in his first run for president as a foreign policy adviser. He was later fired for meeting with the Palestinian group Hamas, which the U.S. State Department classifies as a terrorist organization. “He was one of literally hundreds of informal, outside advisers,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton told ABC News. Hamas is also closed tied with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Writing for DC Clothesline, former Muslim Brotherhood member turned peace activist Walid Shoebat stated a year ago, “And if it is said that the apple does not fall from the tree, Robert Malley is as a rotten apple as he was produced by his rotten father Simon Malley, the colleague of Henri Curiel, one of the main founders of the Communist Party in Egypt.”

Shoebat noted that in 2011, the Washington Post had quoted Malley stating that working with the Muslim Brotherhood was “not a bad idea” and also stating, “(the Muslim Brotherhood) are an important constituency in Egypt. They’re very like to play a role in any future arrangements there.” the government of Egypt has since declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

The appointment of Robert Malley as special assistant is not the first instance of alleged Muslim Brotherhood influence in the Obama Administration. A former CIA agent alleges the president allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate our government, the Inquisitr reported last August.

“It might sound like a controversial charge, but according to former CIA agent Claire Lopez, President Obama has actively worked to forward radical Islam. According to her, the president has gone so far as to switch sides on the war on terror,” the Inquisitr reported. Allegedly, according to Lopez, Obama supports an American partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood.

“For example, the appointment of Mohamed Elibiary, a senior member of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council, who supports some kind of American partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Elibiary didn’t help himself when he decided to let the cat out the bag recently, tweeting that a “Caliphate,” or fundamental Muslim state, was inevitable in the future and compared it to the European Union,” the Inquisitr reported.

The Obama Administration had given billions in foreign aid to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood supported regime of Mohamed Morsi during the time he was in power between 2012-2013 before being removed by Egyptian military for violating the country’s constitution. Many believed this support by Obama demonstrated his sympathy to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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